What Is Another Way to Say “Willing To”?

Looking for synonyms for willing to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say willing to.

  • Prepared to
  • Ready to
  • Open to
  • Agreeable to
  • Inclined to
  • Disposed to
  • Eager to
  • Amenable to
  • Keen on
  • Favorably disposed to
  • Receptive to
  • Consenting to
  • Game for
  • Enthusiastic about
  • Predisposed to

Want to learn how to say willing to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Prepared to

Used when someone is ready and equipped to do something.

Example: The team is prepared to work overtime to meet the project deadline.

2. Ready to

Indicates immediate willingness or readiness.

Example: We are ready to launch the new marketing campaign next week.

3. Open to

Shows willingness to consider or accept new ideas or suggestions.

Example: Management is open to feedback on the new operational procedures.

4. Agreeable to

Indicates being pleasant and willing to agree to proposals or requests.

Example: She was agreeable to the terms of the new contract.

5. Inclined to

Suggests a tendency or preference towards a certain action or decision.

Example: I am inclined to believe that this strategy will yield better results.

6. Disposed to

Shows a propensity or willingness towards a particular kind of behavior or action.

Example: The company is disposed to investing more in renewable energy sources.

7. Eager to

Indicates a strong desire and enthusiasm to do something.

Example: The new recruit is eager to learn and contribute to the team.

8. Amenable to

Shows openness and willingness to agree to something without objection.

Example: The supervisor is amenable to flexible working hours for the team.

9. Keen on

Describes a strong interest or enthusiasm towards doing something.

Example: The department is keen on adopting new technologies to improve efficiency.

10. Favorably disposed to

Indicates a positive inclination or willingness towards something.

Example: Investors are favorably disposed to startups with sustainable business models.

11. Receptive to

Shows an openness or willingness to listen to and accept new ideas or changes.

Example: The organization is receptive to innovative solutions for longstanding problems.

12. Consenting to

Indicates giving permission or agreeing to a specific proposal or action.

Example: The board is consenting to the expansion of the research and development wing.

13. Game for

Informal way to express willingness or readiness to participate in something.

Example: I’m game for trying out the new project management software.

14. Enthusiastic about

Shows excitement and eagerness about doing something.

Example: The team is enthusiastic about the upcoming team-building retreat.

15. Predisposed to

Indicates a natural tendency or willingness towards a particular attitude, action, or condition.

Example: The company culture is predisposed to innovation and continuous improvement.

Linda Brown