What Is Another Way to Say “To Do So”?

Looking for synonyms for to do so? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say to do so.

  • To accomplish that
  • To act accordingly
  • To proceed in that manner
  • To take that action
  • To execute that
  • To perform that
  • To undertake that
  • To carry out that
  • To go about that
  • To effectuate that
  • To follow through with that
  • To implement that
  • To manage that
  • To bring that about
  • To make it happen

Want to learn how to say to do so professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. To Accomplish That

Appropriate Use: Used when referring to the completion of a specific task or goal.
Example: We need more resources to accomplish that within the set deadline.

2. To Act Accordingly

Appropriate Use: Used when suggesting that actions should be based on certain information or instructions.
Example: Once we receive the client’s feedback, we will act accordingly.

3. To Proceed in That Manner

Appropriate Use: Used when continuing with a specific method or approach.
Example: If the initial tests are successful, we’ll proceed in that manner for the remaining phases.

4. To Take That Action

Appropriate Use: Used when deciding to perform a specific action.
Example: If the market trends continue, we may need to take that action to stay competitive.

5. To Execute That

Appropriate Use: Used when carrying out a specific plan or task.
Example: The team is ready to execute that strategy as soon as we get approval.

6. To Perform That

Appropriate Use: Used when carrying out a specific task or function.
Example: The software update allows the system to perform that operation more efficiently.

7. To Undertake That

Appropriate Use: Used when beginning a specific task or responsibility.
Example: We are prepared to undertake that project as soon as we finalize the contract.

8. To Carry Out That

Appropriate Use: Used when conducting or accomplishing a specific task.
Example: The department will carry out that audit next quarter.

9. To Go About That

Appropriate Use: Used when starting a task or process in a specific way.
Example: We need a solid plan on how to go about that restructuring process.

10. To Effectuate That

Appropriate Use: Used when bringing about a specific result or effect.
Example: The new policy should effectuate that change in the organizational culture.

11. To Follow Through With That

Appropriate Use: Used when completing a task or process that has been started.
Example: It’s crucial that we follow through with that commitment to ensure client satisfaction.

12. To Implement That

Appropriate Use: Used when putting a specific plan or decision into effect.
Example: The next step is to implement that solution across all our regional offices.

13. To Manage That

Appropriate Use: Used when handling or overseeing a specific task.
Example: Do you think the current team can manage that additional workload?

14. To Bring That About

Appropriate Use: Used when causing a specific outcome or situation to happen.
Example: This strategic partnership is expected to bring that level of innovation about.

15. To Make It Happen

Appropriate Use: Used when achieving or realizing a specific goal or plan.
Example: With the right resources, we are confident we can make it happen.

Linda Brown