What Is Another Way to Say “One Up”?

Looking for synonyms for one up? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say one up.

  • Outdo
  • Surpass
  • Outperform
  • Eclipse
  • Outshine
  • Excel
  • Outclass
  • Outstrip
  • Overcome
  • Best
  • Trump
  • Exceed
  • Transcend
  • Outpace
  • Outmaneuver

Want to learn how to say one up professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Outdo

“Outdo” is used when someone performs better than someone else in a competitive context.

Example: “She managed to outdo her previous sales record this quarter.”

2. Surpass

“Surpass” indicates going beyond what was achieved or expected, often in terms of quality or achievement.

Example: “The team’s innovative design surpassed all client expectations.”

3. Outperform

“Outperform” is typically used in business to describe better performance compared to others or past performance.

Example: “Our new software has consistently outperformed the leading competitors in the market.”

4. Eclipse

“Eclipse” suggests surpassing something or someone to such an extent that the former leader seems insignificant.

Example: “The latest product launch has eclipsed last year’s success, setting new sales records.”

5. Outshine

“Outshine” is used when someone or something is much more impressive or successful than others.

Example: “Her presentation outshined all others at the conference.”

6. Excel

“Excel” implies being exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity or subject.

Example: “He excels in strategic planning, a skill vital for his role.”

7. Outclass

“Outclass” denotes being significantly better than the competition in terms of class, quality, or performance.

Example: “Their customer service outclasses that of other companies in their sector.”

8. Outstrip

“Outstrip” refers to doing much better than someone or something else, often in a race or competitive situation.

Example: “The new model outstrips its predecessors in both efficiency and speed.”

9. Overcome

“Overcome” suggests succeeding over something, often a difficulty or a competitor.

Example: “She overcame strong competition to win the industry award.”

10. Best

“Best” is used in a competitive context where someone outperforms or defeats others.

Example: “Our agency bested all others in securing the prestigious advertising contract.”

11. Trump

“Trump” implies beating someone or something by doing or producing something better.

Example: “Their innovative approach trumped traditional methods in the project.”

12. Exceed

“Exceed” means to go beyond what is expected or required.

Example: “His performance this year has exceeded all projections.”

13. Transcend

“Transcend” is used to describe surpassing the ordinary limits or going beyond a normal range.

Example: “Her leadership skills transcend those of her peers, making her an exceptional manager.”

14. Outpace

“Outpace” suggests being faster or better than someone or something else.

Example: “The company’s growth has significantly outpaced market expectations.”

15. Outmaneuver

“Outmaneuver” involves being more clever or skilled than someone else, often in a strategic context.

Example: “Our team was able to outmaneuver the competition in securing the deal.”

Linda Brown