What Is Another Way to Say “Time Flies”?

Looking for synonyms for time flies? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say time flies.

  • Time speeds by
  • Time rushes on
  • Time passes quickly
  • Hours fly by
  • Time zooms
  • Blink of an eye
  • In no time
  • Before you know it
  • Time evaporates
  • Fleeting moments
  • Swift passage of time
  • Time slips away
  • Moments whisk away
  • Time races
  • Time whirls

Want to learn how to say time flies professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Time speeds by

Appropriate for emphasizing how quickly time moves, especially during busy or engaging periods.
Example: When we’re deep in project work, time speeds by without us even noticing.

2. Time rushes on

Used to describe the swift passage of time, often reflecting on broader life or career periods.
Example: As we reach the project’s final phase, time rushes on toward our deadline.

3. Time passes quickly

Suitable for general observations about how rapidly time seems to move.
Example: During the conference, time passes quickly with back-to-back sessions.

4. Hours fly by

Ideal for instances when several hours pass swiftly, usually while focused on a task or activity.
Example: When I’m coding, hours fly by, and I hardly notice.

5. Time zooms

Used colloquially to express the rapid passing of time.
Example: When you’re enjoying your work, time zooms.

6. Blink of an eye

A phrase indicating that something happens so quickly it feels almost instantaneous.
Example: The internship was over in the blink of an eye, filled with learning and experiences.

7. In no time

Used to express that something will happen very soon or that time will pass quickly.
Example: With our new process improvements, we’ll finish the backlog in no time.

8. Before you know it

Indicates that something will happen so soon it will be surprising.
Example: Keep focused, and before you know it, we’ll be celebrating the project’s success.

9. Time evaporates

A poetic way to describe how time seems to disappear, especially when busy or absorbed in activities.
Example: Working on creative projects, time evaporates as we immerse ourselves in the work.

10. Fleeting moments

Emphasizes the brief and transient nature of time, especially in memorable or significant situations.
Example: In the fleeting moments before the product launch, the team reflected on their hard work.

11. Swift passage of time

A formal or literary way to describe how quickly time moves forward.
Example: As the fiscal quarter closes, we’re reminded of the swift passage of time and our objectives.

12. Time slips away

Used to express how time can elude us, often when we’re distracted or not paying attention.
Example: Be mindful of your priorities; otherwise, time slips away.

13. Moments whisk away

A descriptive way to say that moments pass very quickly, often unnoticed.
Example: As we busily prepare for the end of the year, moments whisk away.

14. Time races

Indicates that time moves at a rapid pace, especially under pressure or deadlines.
Example: As the deadline approaches, time races, and we must keep pace.

15. Time whirls

A vivid description of time moving rapidly, often in a chaotic or busy context.
Example: In the whirl of the holiday season, time whirls, and suddenly it’s the new year.

Linda Brown