What Is Another Way to Say “Stick To”?

Looking for synonyms for stick to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say stick to.

  • Adhere to
  • Follow
  • Abide by
  • Comply with
  • Hold to
  • Cling to
  • Keep to
  • Observe
  • Maintain
  • Stay with
  • Uphold
  • Persist with
  • Remain faithful to
  • Keep faith with
  • Be true to

Want to learn how to say stick to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Adhere to

Appropriate Use: To stick firmly to a rule, belief, or plan.
Example: “The team must adhere to the project guidelines to ensure successful completion.”

2. Follow

Appropriate Use: To act according to an instruction, rule, or request.
Example: “Employees are expected to follow the company’s code of conduct.”

3. Abide by

Appropriate Use: To accept and act in accordance with a rule, decision, or recommendation.
Example: “All participants must abide by the terms of the contract.”

4. Comply with

Appropriate Use: To act in accordance with a wish or command.
Example: “The company is required to comply with federal regulations.”

5. Hold to

Appropriate Use: To remain committed or faithful to something.
Example: “Despite challenges, she holds to her principles in all business dealings.”

6. Cling to

Appropriate Use: To remain very close to or firmly hold onto a belief or principle.
Example: “The organization clings to its founding values even as it grows.”

7. Keep to

Appropriate Use: To stay within limits; not to go beyond or deviate from.
Example: “The manager emphasized the importance of keeping to the budget.”

8. Observe

Appropriate Use: To follow or obey a rule, law, etc.
Example: “It is vital for the firm to observe international trade laws.”

9. Maintain

Appropriate Use: To continue to have; to keep in existence, or not allow to become less.
Example: “The company maintains a strict policy on workplace safety.”

10. Stay with

Appropriate Use: To continue to be with or support someone or something.
Example: “He decided to stay with his original marketing strategy despite new trends.”

11. Uphold

Appropriate Use: To maintain or support in the face of possible opposition.
Example: “The board has a duty to uphold the best interests of the shareholders.”

12. Persist with

Appropriate Use: To continue steadfastly or determinedly despite opposition or difficulty.
Example: “She chose to persist with her innovative research, even when others doubted its viability.”

13. Remain faithful to

Appropriate Use: To stay loyal or committed to something.
Example: “The CEO remains faithful to his vision of an environmentally sustainable business.”

14. Keep faith with

Appropriate Use: To remain loyal or committed to an agreement or obligation.
Example: “The company kept faith with its promise to deliver quality products to its customers.”

15. Be true to

Appropriate Use: To remain loyal or consistent with something.
Example: “In all her decisions, she strives to be true to the company’s core mission and values.”

Linda Brown