What Is Another Way to Say “This Means”?

Looking for synonyms for this means? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say this means.

  • This indicates
  • This implies
  • This signifies
  • This suggests
  • This denotes
  • This points to
  • This entails
  • This conveys
  • This represents
  • This reflects
  • This symbolizes
  • This demonstrates
  • This exemplifies
  • This shows
  • This reveals
  • This expresses
  • This constitutes
  • This amounts to
  • This alludes to
  • This epitomizes

Want to learn how to say this means professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. This indicates

Use when showing evidence or a sign of something.
Example: “The increase in sales this quarter indicates strong market demand.”

2. This implies

Appropriate for suggesting something without stating it directly.
Example: “The CEO’s statement implies a shift in the company’s strategic direction.”

3. This signifies

Used when something is a sign or symbol of something.
Example: “The new brand logo signifies our commitment to innovation.”

4. This suggests

Ideal for proposing an idea or possibility based on evidence or reasoning.
Example: “The data suggests that there is a high correlation between customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

5. This denotes

Use when something specifically indicates or refers to something.
Example: “The red color in the chart denotes critical issues that need immediate attention.”

6. This points to

Appropriate for indicating or suggesting a particular conclusion.
Example: “The success of the project points to the effectiveness of the new management system.”

7. This entails

Used for involving something as a necessary part or result.
Example: “Adopting this technology entails an increase in initial investment costs.”

8. This conveys

Ideal for communicating or expressing a message or feeling.
Example: “This policy conveys the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.”

9. This represents

Use when something symbolizes or stands for something else.
Example: “This award represents our dedication to excellence.”

10. This reflects

Appropriate for showing or being a sign of a particular situation or feeling.
Example: “The employee feedback reflects a general satisfaction with the workplace environment.”

11. This symbolizes

Used for representing something abstractly.
Example: “The partnership with the renowned brand symbolizes our growth in the industry.”

12. This demonstrates

Ideal for showing or illustrating through example or evidence.
Example: “The increase in productivity demonstrates the success of the new workflow system.”

13. This exemplifies

Use when something serves as a typical example of something.
Example: “Her career trajectory exemplifies the possibilities for growth within the company.”

14. This shows

Appropriate for indicating or displaying something.
Example: “The quarterly report shows a consistent increase in revenue.”

15. This reveals

Used for making something known that was previously secret or unknown.
Example: “The audit reveals discrepancies that were not evident before.”

16. This expresses

Ideal for conveying a thought or feeling.
Example: “The mission statement expresses our core values and goals.”

17. This constitutes

Use when something forms or makes up something.
Example: “These practices constitute the foundation of our corporate culture.”

18. This amounts to

Appropriate for being effectively the same as something.
Example: “The changes in the policy amount to a significant shift in employee benefits.”

19. This alludes to

Used for indirectly referring to something.
Example: “The report alludes to potential risks in the upcoming fiscal year.”

20. This epitomizes

Ideal for being a perfect example of something.
Example: “This strategy epitomizes our innovative approach to problem-solving.”

Linda Brown