What Is Another Way to Say “Stay the Same”?

Looking for synonyms for stay the same? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say stay the same.

  • Remain unchanged
  • Stay constant
  • Keep steady
  • Maintain status quo
  • Hold steady
  • Persist
  • Continue unchanged
  • Be consistent
  • Keep stable
  • Endure
  • Sustain
  • Retain its state
  • Preserve
  • Stagnate
  • Be unaltered

Want to learn how to say stay the same professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Remain Unchanged

Used when something continues to be in its original state or condition.
Example: “The company’s policy on remote work will remain unchanged.”

2. Stay Constant

Suitable for situations where something continues without variation.
Example: “Despite market fluctuations, our investment strategy has stayed constant.”

3. Keep Steady

Refers to maintaining an unvarying pace or level.
Example: “The team needs to keep steady progress to meet the project deadline.”

4. Maintain Status Quo

Used when continuing with the existing state of affairs.
Example: “The board voted to maintain the status quo regarding company management.”

5. Hold Steady

Indicates keeping a firm position or level.
Example: “Despite economic pressures, the central bank has held interest rates steady.”

6. Persist

Suitable for continuing steadfastly or firmly in some state or course of action.
Example: “The company persists in its commitment to sustainable practices.”

7. Continue Unchanged

Refers to carrying on in the same state without change.
Example: “Our operating hours will continue unchanged.”

8. Be Consistent

Used to describe maintaining uniformity or regularity in action or behavior.
Example: “Their customer service quality continues to be consistent.”

9. Keep Stable

Suitable for maintaining a steady and unchanging state.
Example: “The IT department has kept the network stable during the high usage period.”

10. Endure

Refers to withstanding time or hardship without changing.
Example: “The enduring values of the company have guided its success over the years.”

11. Sustain

Used for maintaining something at a certain rate or level.
Example: “The business aims to sustain its growth rate over the next fiscal year.”

12. Retain Its State

Indicates keeping in its existing condition or state.
Example: “The software needs to retain its state during updates to avoid data loss.”

13. Preserve

Suitable for maintaining something in its original or existing state.
Example: “The organization strives to preserve its cultural heritage.”

14. Stagnate

Refers to ceasing to flow or move; becoming stagnant.
Example: “Innovation is crucial to ensure the company does not stagnate.”

15. Be Unaltered

Used when something remains the same without modification or change.
Example: “The design of the product will be unaltered to maintain brand consistency.”

Linda Brown