What Is Another Way to Say “Something Else”?

Looking for synonyms for something else? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say something else.

  • Something different
  • Another thing
  • An alternative
  • Something additional
  • Something more
  • A different thing
  • Something unique
  • Something novel
  • An extra item
  • Something distinct
  • A new option
  • Something unconventional
  • A change
  • An added element
  • Something special

Want to learn how to say something else professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Something different

Used to refer to an option or choice that is not the same as what has been previously mentioned or available.

  • Example: “After years of studying law, she decided she wanted something different and started a career in art.”

2. Another thing

Indicates an additional item or topic that is separate from what has been discussed.

  • Example: “We need to address the budget, but there’s another thing: the upcoming conference.”

3. An alternative

Refers to another option or choice that is available.

  • Example: “If you’re not happy with this software, we can explore an alternative that might better meet your needs.”

4. Something additional

Something added or extra beyond what was initially considered or expected.

  • Example: “To enhance our proposal, we should include something additional, like a detailed market analysis.”

5. Something more

Indicates a desire or requirement for an amount or degree greater than what is currently provided or available.

  • Example: “I think the project needs something more to really stand out to the investors.”

6. A different thing

Used to specify an item or concept that is distinct from others that have been mentioned.

  • Example: “Studying is important, but practical experience is a different thing altogether.”

7. Something unique

Refers to an item, idea, or experience that is singular and unlike anything else.

  • Example: “For her birthday, I want to give her something unique that reflects her personality.”

8. Something novel

Indicates a new, original, or unusual idea or item.

  • Example: “The team is looking for something novel to include in the next product release.”

9. An extra item

An additional thing that is not part of the original count or list.

  • Example: “The package contains an extra item as a thank-you to our loyal customers.”

10. Something distinct

Refers to an item or concept that is clearly different and distinguishable from others.

  • Example: “The artist’s latest work is something distinct, setting it apart from his earlier pieces.”

11. A new option

A choice or possibility that has recently become available.

  • Example: “Given the changes in the market, we need to consider a new option for our investment strategy.”

12. Something unconventional

Indicates a choice or method that does not follow traditional ways or norms.

  • Example: “Her approach to solving the problem was something unconventional but highly effective.”

13. A change

A transformation or modification to something different from the current state.

  • Example: “Sometimes, a change in perspective is all you need to find a solution.”

14. An added element

An additional feature or component that enhances or changes something.

  • Example: “The added element of interactive sessions greatly improved the workshop’s effectiveness.”

15. Something special

Refers to an item or experience that is extraordinary or holds significant value.

  • Example: “For our anniversary, I’m planning something special that we’ll both remember forever.”

Linda Brown