What Is Another Way to Say “Sneak Peek”?

Looking for synonyms for sneak peek? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say sneak peek.

  • Preview
  • Teaser
  • Sneak preview
  • Glimpse
  • Taster
  • Early look
  • Advance showing
  • Excerpt
  • Sample
  • First look
  • Preliminary view
  • Exclusive look
  • Advance screening
  • Initial showing
  • Behind-the-scenes look
  • Preview snippet
  • First impression
  • Pre-release viewing
  • Pre-launch glimpse
  • Brief showcase

Want to learn how to say sneak peek professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Preview

Use when: Referring to an opportunity to see something before it is officially available.
Example: “The company offered a preview of its new software to select clients.”

2. Teaser

Use when: Indicating a small part of something released to attract interest.
Example: “The marketing team released a teaser of the upcoming ad campaign.”

3. Sneak preview

Use when: Referring to a special viewing of content before general release.
Example: “Attendees at the conference received a sneak preview of the new product line.”

4. Glimpse

Use when: Describing a quick or partial view of something.
Example: “The CEO gave investors a glimpse of the company’s future direction during the meeting.”

5. Taster

Use when: Indicating a small example or experience of something to come.
Example: “The workshop provided a taster of the new training program.”

6. Early look

Use when: Referring to an opportunity to see something before others.
Example: “Journalists were given an early look at the prototype during the press release.”

7. Advance showing

Use when: Indicating a showing or display of something ahead of its official launch.
Example: “There will be an advance showing of the new documentary for the media.”

8. Excerpt

Use when: Describing a short extract from a piece of work.
Example: “The author shared an excerpt from her upcoming book at the event.”

9. Sample

Use when: Referring to a small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like.
Example: “Customers were delighted with a sample of the new product range.”

10. First look

Use when: Indicating the initial presentation or reveal of something new.
Example: “Subscribers got a first look at the latest edition of the magazine.”

11. Preliminary view

Use when: Referring to an initial or early view of something.
Example: “The design team got a preliminary view of the project’s blueprint.”

12. Exclusive look

Use when: Indicating a special or restricted viewing of content not yet public.
Example: “VIP clients were treated to an exclusive look at the upcoming collection.”

13. Advance screening

Use when: Describing a showing of a film or video before its general release.
Example: “An advance screening of the new film was held for critics and reporters.”

14. Initial showing

Use when: Referring to the first presentation or debut of something.
Example: “The initial showing of the artwork received positive feedback from art enthusiasts.”

15. Behind-the-scenes look

Use when: Indicating a view of the parts of something not usually visible to the public.
Example: “The documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the movie.”

16. Preview snippet

Use when: Describing a small part or segment shown as a preview.
Example: “The company posted a preview snippet of the tutorial on their website.”

17. First impression

Use when: Referring to the initial perception or reaction to something new.
Example: “The prototype made a strong first impression on the potential investors.”

18. Pre-release viewing

Use when: Indicating a viewing of content before its official release date.
Example: “There will be a pre-release viewing of the software for industry experts.”

19. Pre-launch glimpse

Use when: Describing an early look at something before its official launch.
Example: “The pre-launch glimpse of the app sparked considerable interest among users.”

20. Brief showcase

Use when: Referring to a short display or presentation of something.
Example: “The event included a brief showcase of the company’s latest technology developments.”

Linda Brown