What Is Another Way to Say “Semi”?

Looking for synonyms for semi? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say semi.

  • Half
  • Partial
  • Incomplete
  • Partly
  • Halfway
  • Bi-
  • Hemi-
  • Quasi-
  • Mid-
  • Demi-
  • Semi-
  • Fractional
  • Intermediate
  • Medial
  • Half-done
  • Unfinished
  • Half-formed
  • Half-baked
  • Midway
  • Part-way

Want to learn how to say semi professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Half

Appropriate use: Referring to one of two equal parts into which something is or can be divided.
Example: “The team completed half of the project tasks by the end of the week.”

2. Partial

Appropriate use: Existing only in part; incomplete.
Example: “We have received partial data from the survey, but it’s not comprehensive yet.”

3. Incomplete

Appropriate use: Not having all the necessary or appropriate parts.
Example: “The report is still incomplete and requires additional information.”

4. Partly

Appropriate use: To some extent; not completely.
Example: “The strategy was partly successful in achieving its intended goal.”

5. Halfway

Appropriate use: At or to a point equidistant between two others.
Example: “We are halfway through the financial year and need to assess our progress.”

6. Bi-

Appropriate use: A prefix meaning ‘two’ or ‘twice’.
Example: “The bi-annual meeting will review the company’s performance over the past six months.”

7. Hemi-

Appropriate use: A prefix meaning ‘half’.
Example: “The hemispherical design of the new dome was both innovative and functional.”

8. Quasi-

Appropriate use: Seemingly; apparently but not really.
Example: “The department is undergoing a quasi-restructuring phase currently.”

9. Mid-

Appropriate use: Middle or halfway.
Example: “The project is at its mid-stage and is on track for completion as scheduled.”

10. Demi-

Appropriate use: Half; partially.
Example: “The team engaged in a demi-official capacity to resolve the issue.”

11. Semi-

Appropriate use: Half or partially; to some extent.
Example: “The company has adopted a semi-automated process for manufacturing.”

12. Fractional

Appropriate use: Relatively small; in terms of fractions.
Example: “The fractional increase in costs was deemed manageable by the finance team.”

13. Intermediate

Appropriate use: Coming between two things in time, place, order, character, etc.
Example: “She holds an intermediate position between manager and director.”

14. Medial

Appropriate use: Situated in the middle.
Example: “The medial strategy session focused on aligning departmental objectives.”

15. Half-done

Appropriate use: Partially completed.
Example: “The half-done software update is scheduled for completion next quarter.”

16. Unfinished

Appropriate use: Not finished; incomplete or uncompleted.
Example: “The unfinished business plan needs further details before presentation.”

17. Half-formed

Appropriate use: Partially developed or not completely thought out.
Example: “The concept for the marketing campaign is still half-formed and requires more brainstorming.”

18. Half-baked

Appropriate use: Not fully thought through; poorly planned.
Example: “The half-baked proposal did not impress the board.”

19. Midway

Appropriate use: At or to a point halfway between two others.
Example: “We are currently midway through the implementation phase of the project.”

20. Part-way

Appropriate use: Partially; not all the way.
Example: “The research is only part-way complete, with further analysis required.”

Linda Brown