What Is Another Way to Say “Roger That”?

Looking for synonyms for roger that? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say roger that.

  • Understood
  • Acknowledged
  • Got it
  • Copy that
  • Affirmative
  • Message received
  • I hear you
  • Loud and clear
  • Roger
  • Okay
  • Will do
  • Confirmed
  • On it
  • Consider it done
  • Noted

Want to learn how to say roger that professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Understood

Used to convey that the information has been comprehended.

  • Example: “The deadline is tomorrow at noon.” “Understood, I’ll ensure the report is ready.”

2. Acknowledged

Indicates that the message has been received and recognized.

  • Example: “Ensure the client receives an update by the end of the day.” “Acknowledged, I’m on it.”

3. Got it

An informal way to express understanding or compliance.

  • Example: “Please forward the email to the rest of the team.” “Got it, doing it now.”

4. Copy that

Originally used in radio communication to signify that a message has been received and understood.

  • Example: “We need an extra check on the data before submission.” “Copy that, I’ll double-check everything.”

5. Affirmative

A formal acknowledgment, often used to agree with a statement or command.

  • Example: “Commence operations at 0600 hours.” “Affirmative, preparations are underway.”

6. Message received

Indicates clear understanding or receipt of the communication.

  • Example: “Feedback should be constructive and timely.” “Message received, I’ll keep that in mind for future reviews.”

7. I hear you

A casual expression of acknowledgment, implying understanding of the speaker’s point.

  • Example: “I think we need a new approach to this problem.” “I hear you, let’s brainstorm some alternatives.”

8. Loud and clear

Emphasizes that the message was received very clearly.

  • Example: “The objectives need to be met without delay.” “Loud and clear, we’ll prioritize accordingly.”

9. Roger

A term borrowed from radio lingo, similar to “copy that,” signifying acknowledgment.

  • Example: “Update the project timeline by tomorrow.” “Roger, will update and circulate.”

10. Okay

A simple acknowledgment, agreeing to proceed or comply.

  • Example: “Please review the document before our meeting.” “Okay, I’ll look it over tonight.”

11. Will do

Indicates a commitment to undertake the task mentioned.

  • Example: “Make sure to secure the premises.” “Will do, I’ll check all access points.”

12. Confirmed

Used to verify that an instruction or information is accepted and will be acted upon.

  • Example: “Attendance for the training session needs to be 100%.” “Confirmed, I’ll remind everyone.”

13. On it

Informal, indicating that the speaker is already working on the task or will start immediately.

  • Example: “We need someone to fix this issue ASAP.” “On it, I’ll have it resolved by the afternoon.”

14. Consider it done

Expresses a strong assurance that the task will be completed.

  • Example: “We need the contract signed by the end of the week.” “Consider it done, I’m meeting them tomorrow.”

15. Noted

A formal way to acknowledge that the information has been received and taken into consideration.

  • Example: “Future reports should include more detailed analyses.” “Noted, we’ll adjust the format accordingly.”

Linda Brown