What Is Another Way to Say “Never Give Up”?

Looking for synonyms for never give up? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say never give up.

  • Persevere
  • Persist
  • Endure
  • Keep going
  • Stand firm
  • Hold on
  • Stay the course
  • Remain steadfast
  • Continue
  • Keep at it
  • Stick with it
  • Hang in there
  • Stay determined
  • Keep up the fight
  • Soldier on
  • Press on
  • Keep pushing
  • Stay committed
  • Forge ahead
  • Don’t back down

Want to learn how to say never give up professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Persevere

Use “persevere” to describe continuing in a course of action even in the face of difficulty.
Example: Despite the challenges, the team decided to persevere with the project.

2. Persist

“Persist” is used when continuing steadfastly or firmly in some state or action.
Example: The entrepreneur had to persist through numerous setbacks.

3. Endure

Use “endure” to describe undergoing something difficult or painful patiently and resolutely.
Example: The company endured several years of financial losses before becoming profitable.

4. Keep going

“Keep going” is suitable for continuing with an action or process.
Example: Even when progress was slow, the research team was encouraged to keep going.

5. Stand firm

Use “stand firm” to describe holding one’s position resolutely.
Example: The manager stood firm on her decision despite opposition.

6. Hold on

“Hold on” is used for maintaining a course of action without yielding.
Example: The start-up had to hold on through uncertain times to secure funding.

7. Stay the course

Use “stay the course” to continue with a process or effort until its completion.
Example: It’s important to stay the course despite the emerging market fluctuations.

8. Remain steadfast

“Remain steadfast” describes continuing resolutely in one’s commitment or belief.
Example: The leader remained steadfast in his vision for the company’s future.

9. Continue

Use “continue” for maintaining an action or process without interruption.
Example: The team was determined to continue their work on the innovation.

10. Keep at it

“Keep at it” is suitable for persistently working on a task or goal.
Example: She kept at it, refining the design until it was perfect.

11. Stick with it

Use “stick with it” to describe persisting with an action or endeavor.
Example: He decided to stick with it, despite the challenges of starting a new business.

12. Hang in there

“Hang in there” is used for encouraging someone to continue persevering.
Example: The CEO told her employees to hang in there during the restructuring process.

13. Stay determined

Use “stay determined” to describe maintaining one’s determination.
Example: The sales team stayed determined even after several rejections.

14. Keep up the fight

“Keep up the fight” is suitable for continuing to struggle or contend against difficulties.
Example: The community kept up the fight to save the local park.

15. Soldier on

Use “soldier on” for continuing to do something despite difficulties.
Example: The research team soldiered on in their quest for a cure.

16. Press on

“Press on” describes continuing with an action, especially in the face of difficulty.
Example: After initial setbacks, the company pressed on with its expansion plan.

17. Keep pushing

Use “keep pushing” to describe exerting oneself to continue or advance.
Example: The athlete kept pushing through the pain to finish the race.

18. Stay committed

“Stay committed” is suitable for maintaining one’s dedication to a task or cause.
Example: The project leader stayed committed to delivering high-quality results.

19. Forge ahead

Use “forge ahead” to describe moving forward with increased strength or effort.
Example: Despite the economic downturn, the small business forged ahead with its growth strategy.

20. Don’t back down

“Don’t back down” is used for not withdrawing or yielding in the face of opposition.
Example: Faced with criticism, the scientist didn’t back down from her controversial theory.

Linda Brown