What Is Another Way to Say “Long-Awaited”?

Looking for synonyms for long-awaited? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say long-awaited.

  • Much-anticipated
  • Eagerly awaited
  • Highly anticipated
  • Greatly expected
  • Long-expected
  • Much-awaited
  • Awaited with eagerness
  • Sorely anticipated
  • Keenly awaited
  • Anxiously awaited
  • Eagerly anticipated
  • Long-looked-for
  • Greatly anticipated
  • Hotly anticipated
  • Earnestly awaited

Want to learn how to say long-awaited professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Much-Anticipated

“Much-anticipated” is used when something is expected with great eagerness and interest.

Example: “The launch of the much-anticipated software update will bring significant improvements.”

2. Eagerly Awaited

“Eagerly awaited” describes something that is awaited with a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement.

Example: “The eagerly awaited merger between the two leading companies will transform the industry.”

3. Highly Anticipated

“Highly anticipated” is used for events or products expected with much interest and high expectations.

Example: “The highly anticipated annual report is expected to reveal the company’s new strategic direction.”

4. Greatly Expected

“Greatly expected” implies that something is awaited with considerable anticipation and likelihood.

Example: “The greatly expected expansion into European markets is set to boost the company’s growth.”

5. Long-Expected

“Long-expected” refers to something that has been awaited for an extended period.

Example: “The long-expected upgrade to the transportation system is finally underway.”

6. Much-Awaited

“Much-awaited” is similar to much-anticipated, emphasizing the eagerness and importance of the awaited event or item.

Example: “The much-awaited product release is set to happen next quarter.”

7. Awaited With Eagerness

“Awaited with eagerness” conveys a sense of keen enthusiasm and anticipation for something.

Example: “The new policy, awaited with eagerness, is predicted to bring positive changes.”

8. Sorely Anticipated

“Sorely anticipated” suggests that something is very much needed and eagerly expected.

Example: “The sorely anticipated funding for the project has finally been approved.”

9. Keenly Awaited

“Keenly awaited” is used when something is awaited with great interest and enthusiasm.

Example: “The keenly awaited conference on renewable energy will feature world-renowned experts.”

10. Anxiously Awaited

“Anxiously awaited” implies a mixture of eagerness and anxiety or concern about something upcoming.

Example: “The results of the clinical trials, anxiously awaited by the medical community, will be published soon.”

11. Eagerly Anticipated

“Eagerly anticipated” is similar to eagerly awaited, conveying a sense of enthusiasm and high expectation.

Example: “The eagerly anticipated merger is expected to significantly boost the company’s market share.”

12. Long-Looked-For

“Long-looked-for” refers to something that has been expected or sought after for a long time.

Example: “The long-looked-for technological breakthrough could revolutionize the industry.”

13. Greatly Anticipated

“Greatly anticipated” is used for events or developments that are expected with a high degree of interest and eagerness.

Example: “The greatly anticipated international summit will address crucial global environmental issues.”

14. Hotly Anticipated

“Hotly anticipated” suggests intense excitement and eagerness surrounding an upcoming event or release.

Example: “The hotly anticipated launch of the new smartphone model is expected to attract large crowds.”

15. Earnestly Awaited

“Earnestly awaited” conveys a sense of serious eagerness and anticipation for something.

Example: “The earnestly awaited policy changes are hoped to bring much-needed reforms.”

Linda Brown