What Is Another Way to Say “This Shows That”?

Looking for synonyms for this shows that? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say this shows that.

  • This demonstrates that
  • This indicates that
  • This reveals that
  • This suggests that
  • This proves that
  • This exemplifies that
  • This confirms that
  • This establishes that
  • This signifies that
  • This illustrates that

Want to learn how to say this shows that professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. This Demonstrates That

Used to show clear evidence or example of something.

Example: This demonstrates that our new marketing strategy has significantly increased customer engagement.

2. This Indicates That

Appropriate for suggesting evidence or signs pointing towards a particular conclusion.

Example: The increased sales this quarter indicates that the market is responding positively to our product.

3. This Reveals That

Used when something uncovers or makes a particular fact or trend clear.

Example: The data analysis reveals that there is a high demand for sustainable packaging.

4. This Suggests That

Suitable for implying a conclusion or idea without direct proof.

Example: The employee feedback suggests that there is room for improvement in work-life balance.

5. This Proves That

Used when providing evidence or argument that establishes a fact conclusively.

Example: The consistent growth in revenue proves that the new business model is effective.

6. This Exemplifies That

Appropriate for providing a typical example or case in point.

Example: The success of the project exemplifies that collaborative teamwork leads to better results.

7. This Confirms That

Used when information or evidence verifies or supports a belief or statement.

Example: The positive customer reviews confirm that our new service is meeting needs effectively.

8. This Establishes That

Suitable for situations where evidence or facts are setting up a firm basis for something.

Example: The research establishes that there is a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and productivity.

9. This Signifies That

Used to indicate that something is a sign or symbol of something else.

Example: The CEO’s endorsement signifies that the project is a top priority for the company.

10. This Illustrates That

Appropriate for explaining or clarifying something by providing a clear example or evidence.

Example: The increase in social media followers illustrates that our digital marketing efforts are paying off.

Linda Brown