What Is Another Way to Say “Rising Star”?

Looking for synonyms for rising star? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say rising star.

  • Up-and-comer
  • Emerging talent
  • Rising talent
  • Breakout star
  • Newcomer
  • Budding talent
  • Star in the making
  • Future star
  • Prodigy
  • Young gun
  • Bright prospect
  • Hotshot
  • Promising talent
  • Rising sensation
  • New sensation

Want to learn how to say rising star professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Up-and-comer

Refers to someone showing promising potential in their field.

  • Example: The tech industry has recognized her as an up-and-comer for her innovative approach to software development.

2. Emerging Talent

Describes someone who is beginning to be noticed for their skills or contributions.

  • Example: The gallery’s new exhibit features works by emerging talent in contemporary art.

3. Rising Talent

Indicates someone whose skills are developing rapidly, gaining recognition.

  • Example: The company’s young executive is considered rising talent, poised for leadership roles.

4. Breakout Star

Used for someone who has recently gained significant attention or fame.

  • Example: After her critically acclaimed performance, she became the season’s breakout star.

5. Newcomer

Refers to someone new to a particular field or activity but shows potential.

  • Example: Despite being a newcomer to the league, he has quickly become a key player on the team.

6. Budding Talent

Describes someone in the early stages of developing their skills or career.

  • Example: The music festival is a platform for budding talent to perform in front of a larger audience.

7. Star in the Making

Indicates someone who is expected to achieve great success in the future.

  • Example: The young scientist is a star in the making, with her research already making waves in the medical community.

8. Future Star

Refers to someone who shows the potential to become very successful or famous in the future.

  • Example: The apprentice chef is a future star, impressing critics with her culinary creativity.

9. Prodigy

Describes a young person with exceptional talents or abilities.

  • Example: The chess prodigy has defeated competitors twice his age in international tournaments.

10. Young Gun

Informal term for a young person who is very skilled or successful in a particular area.

  • Example: In the startup world, he’s known as a young gun, thanks to his successful track record of innovative companies.

11. Bright Prospect

Indicates someone who has a promising future due to their abilities or achievements.

  • Example: The graduate student is a bright prospect in the field of renewable energy research.

12. Hotshot

An informal term for someone who is exceptionally skilled, successful, or confident.

  • Example: The design team’s new hotshot has brought fresh ideas that have revitalized our branding strategy.

13. Promising Talent

Describes someone who shows signs of future success or excellence.

  • Example: The agency is always on the lookout for promising talent to add to its roster of groundbreaking artists.

14. Rising Sensation

Refers to someone rapidly gaining popularity and admiration.

  • Example: The young novelist became a rising sensation with her debut novel’s unexpected success.

15. New Sensation

Indicates someone who has quickly become very popular or well-regarded.

  • Example: The band went from playing local gigs to being the new sensation on the national music scene.

Linda Brown