What Is Another Way to Say “Check In”?

Looking for synonyms for check in? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say check in.

  • Register
  • Sign in
  • Report
  • Log in
  • Arrive
  • Clock in
  • Enroll
  • Touch base
  • Record entry
  • Make an appearance
  • Book in
  • Mark attendance
  • Confirm arrival
  • Acknowledge presence
  • Present oneself

Want to learn how to say check in professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Register

Appropriate Use: For officially recording one’s presence, especially in formal settings like conferences or hotels.
Example: “Upon arrival, all guests must register at the front desk.”

2. Sign in

Appropriate Use: Often used for entering one’s details in a log or digital system to mark attendance.
Example: “Please sign in at the reception when you enter the building.”

3. Report

Appropriate Use: Used in a professional context, such as reporting for duty or a job.
Example: “He will report to the new department head on Monday.”

4. Log in

Appropriate Use: Commonly used for entering credentials to access a digital system or platform.
Example: “Employees must log in to the intranet to access company announcements.”

5. Arrive

Appropriate Use: Simply indicating one’s presence at a location.
Example: “She will arrive at the conference venue by 9 AM.”

6. Clock in

Appropriate Use: Specifically for marking the start of a work period, often using a timekeeping system.
Example: “Workers are required to clock in and out using the electronic system.”

7. Enroll

Appropriate Use: For registering or signing up for a course, event, or program.
Example: “Participants need to enroll in the workshop two weeks in advance.”

8. Touch base

Appropriate Use: Informal, often used in the context of making contact or updating someone briefly.
Example: “Let’s touch base at the meeting tomorrow to discuss the project’s progress.”

9. Record entry

Appropriate Use: Often used in a formal or security context, where one’s entrance is logged.
Example: “Visitors to the building must have their entry recorded at the security desk.”

10. Make an appearance

Appropriate Use: Informal, often used in social contexts or events.
Example: “The CEO made an appearance at the company’s annual gathering.”

11. Book in

Appropriate Use: Often used in the context of hotels or appointments, indicating a scheduled arrival.
Example: “Please ensure you book in for your hotel stay prior to your arrival.”

12. Mark attendance

Appropriate Use: Used in educational or professional settings to indicate presence is being recorded.
Example: “Students are required to mark their attendance at the beginning of each class.”

13. Confirm arrival

Appropriate Use: To officially acknowledge one’s presence at a location or event.
Example: “All delegates must confirm their arrival at the registration desk.”

14. Acknowledge presence

Appropriate Use: Often used in events or gatherings, where one’s presence is noted or recognized.
Example: “The conference coordinator will acknowledge the presence of all keynote speakers.”

15. Present oneself

Appropriate Use: A formal way of indicating that one has arrived and is ready for an appointment or meeting.
Example: “Candidates must present themselves at the interview venue at least 15 minutes early.”

Linda Brown