What Is Another Way to Say “Dependent Variable”?

Looking for synonyms for dependent variable? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say dependent variable.

  • Outcome variable
  • Response variable
  • Explained variable
  • Result variable
  • Effect variable
  • Criterion variable
  • Measured variable
  • Observed variable
  • Predicted variable
  • Target variable
  • Endogenous variable
  • Regressand
  • Output variable
  • Consequent variable
  • Yield variable

Want to learn how to say dependent variable professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Outcome Variable

Used in experimental and observational studies to represent the output or effect being measured.
Example: “In our study, patient recovery rate is the outcome variable.”

2. Response Variable

Appropriate for describing the variable that responds to changes in another variable, often used in statistical modeling.
Example: “We measured the effectiveness of the drug by observing changes in the response variable.”

3. Explained Variable

Used in regression analysis to denote the variable that the model aims to predict or explain.
Example: “In the regression model, annual income is the explained variable.”

4. Result Variable

Refers to the variable that represents the result of changes in other variables in a study or experiment.
Example: “The result variable in our experiment was the level of stress reduction.”

5. Effect Variable

Appropriate when the focus is on the effect or outcome of one or more independent variables.
Example: “The effect variable, in this case, is the rate of plant growth.”

6. Criterion Variable

Used in the context of predictive models, referring to the variable that is being predicted.
Example: “In our predictive model, the criterion variable is student performance.”

7. Measured Variable

Refers to a variable in an experiment or study that is being measured or assessed.
Example: “The measured variable was the amount of time taken to complete the task.”

8. Observed Variable

Appropriate for a variable that is directly observed or measured in a study.
Example: “Blood pressure was the observed variable in the clinical trial.”

9. Predicted Variable

Used when referring to a variable that a model or equation predicts or estimates.
Example: “In our forecast model, the predicted variable is future sales volume.”

10. Target Variable

Often used in machine learning, referring to the variable that the algorithm is trying to predict.
Example: “For this classification task, the target variable is whether a customer will make a purchase.”

11. Endogenous Variable

Appropriate in econometrics and systems theory to denote a variable whose value is determined within the model.
Example: “In our economic model, inflation rate is treated as an endogenous variable.”

12. Regressand

Used specifically in regression analysis, referring to the dependent variable in the model.
Example: “In the linear regression, price is the regressand.”

13. Output Variable

Refers to the variable that represents the output or outcome in a process or model.
Example: “The output variable of the neural network is the probability of a transaction being fraudulent.”

14. Consequent Variable

Used to denote a variable that is the consequence or outcome of other variables.
Example: “Employee satisfaction is the consequent variable in the study on workplace environment.”

15. Yield Variable

Appropriate in agricultural or production contexts, referring to the variable representing the yield or output.
Example: “In the crop study, the yield variable was the total grain production per hectare.”

Linda Brown