What Is Another Way to Say “Right-Hand Man”?

Looking for synonyms for right-hand man? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say right-hand man.

  • Chief assistant
  • Right-hand person
  • Main aide
  • Key lieutenant
  • Second in command
  • Chief advisor
  • Principal assistant
  • Top aide
  • Right-hand woman
  • Go-to person
  • Deputy
  • Trusted advisor
  • Main supporter
  • Closest ally
  • Sidekick

Want to learn how to say right-hand man professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Chief assistant

Appropriate Use: Referring to the primary aide who provides comprehensive support to a senior figure.
Example: “Her chief assistant coordinates all her appointments and manages her daily schedule.”

2. Right-hand person

Appropriate Use: Gender-neutral term for someone’s primary and most trusted assistant.
Example: “In every major project, he relies heavily on his right-hand person for critical decisions.”

3. Main aide

Appropriate Use: Signifying the primary assistant or helper, especially in political or executive contexts.
Example: “The ambassador’s main aide is responsible for liaising with foreign dignitaries.”

4. Key lieutenant

Appropriate Use: Often used in a business or military context, referring to a crucial subordinate.
Example: “The CEO’s key lieutenant played a pivotal role in the company’s expansion.”

5. Second in command

Appropriate Use: The person ranking just below the leader or head of an organization.
Example: “As the second in command, she takes over the company’s operations in the CEO’s absence.”

6. Chief advisor

Appropriate Use: A primary consultant or counselor, especially in decision-making roles.
Example: “The president’s chief advisor is instrumental in shaping foreign policy.”

7. Principal assistant

Appropriate Use: The main assistant or aide, often in a professional or academic setting.
Example: “The principal assistant to the dean manages many of the university’s critical administrative functions.”

8. Top aide

Appropriate Use: The most senior or important assistant in an organization or office.
Example: “The senator’s top aide is handling the negotiations with the stakeholders.”

9. Right-hand woman

Appropriate Use: Female equivalent of right-hand man, denoting a woman who is the chief helper.
Example: “Her right-hand woman is essential to the success of her numerous business ventures.”

10. Go-to person

Appropriate Use: Someone who is routinely sought out for expertise, help, or advice.
Example: “In matters of IT security, he is the go-to person in the organization.”

11. Deputy

Appropriate Use: A person who acts as an assistant and often succeeds in the absence of their superior.
Example: “The deputy manager will oversee the project while the manager is on leave.”

12. Trusted advisor

Appropriate Use: Someone relied upon for their advice, wisdom, and judgment.
Example: “As a trusted advisor, her counsel has been vital to our strategic planning.”

13. Main supporter

Appropriate Use: Refers to a primary backer or advocate, especially in a professional or political context.
Example: “His main supporter in the boardroom has been instrumental in pushing forward his initiatives.”

14. Closest ally

Appropriate Use: A person who provides strong support and cooperation in a shared cause or agenda.
Example: “In corporate negotiations, her closest ally has always been the finance director.”

15. Sidekick

Appropriate Use: Informal, often used to describe a close companion or colleague, typically in subordinate roles.
Example: “The lead researcher’s sidekick is known for his exceptional lab skills and innovative ideas.”

Linda Brown