What Is Another Way to Say “Which”?

Looking for synonyms for which? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say which.

  • That
  • What
  • The one that
  • The thing that
  • The one(s) that
  • The thing(s) that
  • Whichever
  • Whatever
  • Any that
  • The particular one(s)
  • The specific one(s)
  • This
  • These
  • Those
  • The kind that

Want to learn how to say which professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. That

Appropriate Use: Suitable for referring to a specific thing previously mentioned.
Example: “We need to revise the strategy that we discussed yesterday.”

2. What

Appropriate Use: Ideal for referring to specific things when asking a question.
Example: “What solution do you propose for this issue?”

3. The one that

Appropriate Use: Used for identifying a specific item among others.
Example: “The one that meets all our criteria will be selected for the project.”

4. The thing that

Appropriate Use: Suitable for emphasizing a specific aspect or detail.
Example: “The thing that sets us apart is our commitment to quality.”

5. The one(s) that

Appropriate Use: Refers to specific item(s) or person(s) from a group.
Example: “The ones that pass the test will proceed to the next round of interviews.”

6. The thing(s) that

Appropriate Use: Ideal for specifying particular aspect(s) or detail(s).
Example: “The things that matter most in this job are punctuality and attention to detail.”

7. Whichever

Appropriate Use: Used for referring to any one that.
Example: “You can choose whichever method you think is best for analysis.”

8. Whatever

Appropriate Use: Suitable for referring to anything or everything that.
Example: “We will support whatever decision you make.”

9. Any that

Appropriate Use: Refers to any one of the things that meet a condition.
Example: “Any that meet our requirements will be considered.”

10. The particular one(s)

Appropriate Use: Ideal for emphasizing a specific choice or selection.
Example: “The particular ones we choose will depend on their performance metrics.”

11. The specific one(s)

Appropriate Use: Used for pinpointing a precise selection or group.
Example: “Focus your efforts on the specific ones that have shown potential.”

12. This

Appropriate Use: Suitable for identifying something close at hand or being indicated.
Example: “This proposal seems to be the most promising of all.”

13. These

Appropriate Use: Refers to multiple items being indicated or near.
Example: “These are the changes we need to implement.”

14. Those

Appropriate Use: Ideal for referring to items farther away or not currently being indicated.
Example: “Those were the strategies used last year.”

15. The kind that

Appropriate Use: Used for specifying a type or category.
Example: “We need employees of the kind that can adapt quickly to change.”

Linda Brown