What Is Another Way to Say “Practice Test”?

Looking for synonyms for practice test? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say practice test.

  • Mock exam
  • Trial exam
  • Practice examination
  • Sample test
  • Preliminary test
  • Dry run
  • Rehearsal test
  • Diagnostic test
  • Simulated exam
  • Pre-test
  • Practice quiz
  • Model test
  • Pilot test
  • Dummy exam
  • Trial run

Want to learn how to say practice test professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Mock Exam

Appropriate use: Used to simulate the experience of a real exam for practice purposes.
Example: “Students will take a mock exam to prepare for the final certification test.”

2. Trial Exam

Appropriate use: Refers to a preliminary examination to assess readiness for the actual exam.
Example: “The trial exam will help identify areas where students need more focus.”

3. Practice Examination

Appropriate use: A formal term for a test taken as practice.
Example: “The practice examination is scheduled two weeks before the national entrance test.”

4. Sample Test

Appropriate use: Used for a test that serves as a typical example of the actual exam.
Example: “A sample test will be provided to familiarize you with the question format.”

5. Preliminary Test

Appropriate use: A test taken at an initial stage, often to gauge understanding or preparation.
Example: “The preliminary test results will not affect your final grade.”

6. Dry Run

Appropriate use: Informal; used for a trial or rehearsal of a process.
Example: “Let’s do a dry run of the online testing system to ensure everything works smoothly.”

7. Rehearsal Test

Appropriate use: Similar to a dry run, it’s a practice test to prepare for the actual event.
Example: “The rehearsal test will cover all topics expected in the upcoming competition.”

8. Diagnostic Test

Appropriate use: A test used to assess strengths and weaknesses in certain areas.
Example: “The diagnostic test will help us tailor the curriculum to student needs.”

9. Simulated Exam

Appropriate use: A test that closely mimics the real exam in format and content.
Example: “The simulated exam is designed to provide a realistic test-taking experience.”

10. Pre-test

Appropriate use: A preliminary test, often before the start of a course or training program.
Example: “The pre-test will determine your current knowledge level on the subject.”

11. Practice Quiz

Appropriate use: A less formal practice test, often shorter or less comprehensive.
Example: “Complete the practice quiz to get a quick review of today’s lesson.”

12. Model Test

Appropriate use: A test that serves as a model or standard example for the actual test.
Example: “The model test will follow the same time constraints as the official exam.”

13. Pilot Test

Appropriate use: A preliminary test to trial or test new content or formats.
Example: “We are conducting a pilot test for the new digital assessment platform.”

14. Dummy Exam

Appropriate use: Informal; a practice exam with no real stakes, often for training.
Example: “The dummy exam will help familiarize you with the computerized testing environment.”

15. Trial Run

Appropriate use: Another term for a practice test, emphasizing the trial aspect.
Example: “We’ll have a trial run of the language proficiency test next week.”

Linda Brown