What Is Another Way to Say “Pay For”?

Looking for synonyms for pay for? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say pay for.

  • Finance
  • Cover the cost of
  • Foot the bill for
  • Settle the bill for
  • Reimburse
  • Compensate
  • Sponsor
  • Underwrite
  • Subsidize
  • Bear the expense of
  • Remunerate
  • Defray the cost of
  • Bankroll
  • Disburse for
  • Provide funding for

Want to learn how to say pay for professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Finance

“Finance” is used when providing or securing funds for a project, purchase, or operation.

Example: “The company decided to finance the new research and development project.”

2. Cover the Cost of

“Cover the cost of” implies paying for the entire expense of something.

Example: “The grant will cover the cost of the new laboratory equipment.”

3. Foot the Bill for

“Foot the bill for” is a colloquial way of saying to pay for something, usually something expensive.

Example: “The organization footed the bill for the international conference.”

4. Settle the Bill for

“Settle the bill for” means to pay off a bill or an outstanding amount.

Example: “The accounts department settled the bill for the office renovations.”

5. Reimburse

“Reimburse” involves paying back money that has been spent or lost.

Example: “Employees will be reimbursed for their travel expenses.”

6. Compensate

“Compensate” is used when providing payment in exchange for a service or to offset a loss.

Example: “The company compensated the client for the delay in delivery.”

“Sponsor” implies providing financial support for an event, activity, person, or organization.

Example: “Our firm will sponsor the annual tech summit.”

8. Underwrite

“Underwrite” typically refers to an organization or individual agreeing to support financially, often in a context of insurance or investment.

Example: “The bank agreed to underwrite the new housing project.”

9. Subsidize

“Subsidize” means to support financially, reducing the cost for the beneficiary.

Example: “The government plans to subsidize renewable energy projects.”

10. Bear the Expense of

“Bear the expense of” is a formal way of saying to accept the responsibility of paying for something.

Example: “The company will bear the expense of the software upgrade.”

11. Remunerate

“Remunerate” refers to paying someone for services rendered or work done.

Example: “Consultants are remunerated based on their hours worked.”

12. Defray the Cost of

“Defray the cost of” means to provide money to reduce or cover the cost of something.

Example: “The fundraiser helped defray the cost of the new community center.”

13. Bankroll

“Bankroll” is an informal term for providing financial support, often for a large project or business venture.

Example: “An investor agreed to bankroll the startup’s expansion plans.”

14. Disburse for

“Disburse for” means to pay out money from a fund or account for a specific purpose.

Example: “The trust will disburse funds for educational scholarships.”

15. Provide Funding for

“Provide funding for” is a straightforward way of saying to supply the necessary money for a project or activity.

Example: “The grant will provide funding for innovative medical research.”

Linda Brown