What Is Another Way to Say “One Time”?

Looking for synonyms for one time? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say one time.

  • Once
  • Single
  • One-off
  • Only
  • Sole
  • Unique
  • On one occasion
  • Individual
  • Exclusive
  • Non-recurring
  • Singular
  • One-shot
  • Standalone
  • Isolated
  • Momentary

Want to learn how to say one time professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Once

Used to indicate something that happened on a single occasion in the past.
Example: “Once, we encountered a similar issue during a project.”

2. Single

Appropriate for emphasizing that something happened one time only.
Example: “A single mistake can significantly impact the client’s trust.”

3. One-Off

Used to describe an event or situation that occurs only once and is not repeated.
Example: “The company hosted a one-off event for the product launch.”

4. Only

Suitable for specifying that something occurred just one time.
Example: “This opportunity will be available only once.”

5. Sole

Used to emphasize that there was only one occurrence or instance.
Example: “She was the sole representative of the company at the conference.”

6. Unique

Appropriate for an event or situation that is not only one-time but also unusual or special in some way.
Example: “It was a unique chance to meet with the industry leaders.”

7. On One Occasion

Used to specify a particular instance or event that happened once.
Example: “On one occasion, we managed to turn around the project in just 48 hours.”

8. Individual

Suitable for highlighting a specific, singular occurrence or instance.
Example: “An individual case of data breach was reported last month.”

9. Exclusive

Used to describe a situation or event that is limited to a single occurrence.
Example: “We have an exclusive offer available for first-time customers.”

10. Non-Recurring

Appropriate for events or situations that do not happen again.
Example: “The non-recurring expense was due to the office relocation.”

11. Singular

Used to emphasize the uniqueness or rarity of a one-time event.
Example: “Her achievement in the project was a singular success for the team.”

12. One-Shot

Suitable for something that is intended to happen or be used only once.
Example: “The team had a one-shot opportunity to pitch their idea to the investors.”

13. Standalone

Used to describe an event or occurrence that is separate and unconnected to other events.
Example: “The training session was a standalone event, not part of the regular series.”

14. Isolated

Appropriate for an occurrence that happens only once and is not part of a larger pattern.
Example: “The error was an isolated incident and has been resolved.”

15. Momentary

Used to describe a brief, one-time occurrence or event.
Example: “There was a momentary lapse in the network connection during the presentation.”

Linda Brown