What Is Another Way to Say “Back Then”?

Looking for synonyms for back then? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say back then.

  • In those days
  • At that time
  • In that era
  • During that period
  • In the past
  • Once upon a time
  • Formerly
  • Previously
  • Historically
  • In bygone days

Want to learn how to say back then professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. In those days

“In those days” is often used to refer to a specific past time, remembered for its distinctive characteristics.

  • Example: In those days, the company was just a small startup with big ambitions.

2. At that time

“At that time” is used to specify a particular moment or period in the past.

  • Example: The technology at that time was not advanced enough to support our vision.

3. In that era

“In that era” refers to a broader historical period, characterized by certain events or trends.

  • Example: In that era, many industries were undergoing significant transformations.

4. During that period

“During that period” is used to talk about events or conditions that existed within a specific timeframe in the past.

  • Example: The company experienced rapid growth during that period.

5. In the past

“In the past” is a general term for any time before the present, often used in comparisons.

  • Example: In the past, these processes were handled manually.

6. Once upon a time

“Once upon a time” is a phrase typically used in storytelling, often to introduce a historical or long-ago event.

  • Example: Once upon a time, this industry was dominated by just a few key players.

7. Formerly

“Formerly” indicates that something was the case at an earlier time, often used to describe past states or positions.

  • Example: The building was formerly used as a warehouse.

8. Previously

“Previously” suggests that something happened or existed before the current point or event.

  • Example: The team had previously attempted a similar project with limited success.

9. Historically

“Historically” is used to refer to events or conditions that are part of recorded history.

  • Example: Historically, this region has been a hub for trade and commerce.

10. In bygone days

“In bygone days” evokes a sense of nostalgia, referring to times long past.

  • Example: In bygone days, such practices were common in the industry.

Linda Brown