What Is Another Way to Say “On Time”?

Looking for synonyms for on time? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say on time.

  • Punctually
  • Promptly
  • At the scheduled time
  • Without delay
  • Right on schedule
  • Timely
  • Precisely
  • At the appointed time
  • In a timely manner
  • On schedule
  • At the right time
  • Just in time
  • On the dot
  • In good time
  • At the proper time
  • On the nose
  • In the nick of time
  • At the agreed time
  • As planned
  • As expected

Want to learn how to say on time professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Punctually

Appropriate for situations emphasizing strict adherence to a set time.
Example: “The meeting will start punctually at 9:00 AM.”

2. Promptly

Used when immediate action or response is required at a specific time.
Example: “Please ensure the report is submitted promptly by the end of the day.”

3. At the scheduled time

Suitable for occasions that strictly follow a prearranged timetable.
Example: “The conference call will commence at the scheduled time of 3 PM.”

4. Without delay

Ideal for situations where no postponement or lateness is acceptable.
Example: “The software update will be applied across all systems without delay tonight.”

5. Right on schedule

Used when something happens exactly as planned or arranged.
Example: “The project is progressing right on schedule, with no anticipated delays.”

6. Timely

Appropriate for actions or responses that occur at a suitable or opportune time.
Example: “We appreciate your timely submission of the budget proposal.”

7. Precisely

Used for actions or events occurring at an exact, specific time.
Example: “The product launch will take place precisely at noon.”

8. At the appointed time

Suitable for events that are set to occur at a specific, agreed-upon time.
Example: “The board meeting will start at the appointed time of 10 AM.”

9. In a timely manner

Ideal for actions or processes that need to be completed within an expected timeframe.
Example: “Please address the client’s concerns in a timely manner.”

10. On schedule

Used for activities that are proceeding according to a planned timetable.
Example: “The construction work is on schedule to be completed by the end of the quarter.”

11. At the right time

Suitable for actions or decisions made at the most appropriate or opportune moment.
Example: “Our marketing campaign was launched at the right time to maximize impact.”

12. Just in time

Appropriate for things completed or occurring at the last possible moment but still within an acceptable timeframe.
Example: “The supplies were delivered just in time for the event’s start.”

13. On the dot

Used for events or actions that occur at a precise, exact moment.
Example: “The webinar will begin on the dot at 8:00 AM.”

14. In good time

Ideal for completing tasks well before a deadline or due date.
Example: “Ensure all documents are filed in good time before the audit.”

15. At the proper time

Suitable for actions occurring at a time that is suitable or appropriate.
Example: “The system upgrades will be implemented at the proper time to minimize disruption.”

16. On the nose

Used for actions or events that happen at an exact, particularly specified time.
Example: “The team’s weekly briefing starts on the nose at 9 AM.”

17. In the nick of time

Appropriate for actions or occurrences that take place just before it’s too late.
Example: “The critical data backup was completed in the nick of time before the system crash.”

18. At the agreed time

Used for events that are set to occur at a time mutually decided upon by all involved parties.
Example: “The contract signing is scheduled at the agreed time of 2 PM.”

19. As planned

Suitable for events or actions that occur according to a prearranged plan.
Example: “The product was successfully launched as planned.”

20. As expected

Ideal for situations where things happen according to what was anticipated or foreseen.
Example: “The meeting concluded as expected, with all agenda items covered.”

Linda Brown