What Is Another Way to Say “On a Whim”?

Looking for synonyms for on a whim? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say on a whim.

  • Impulsively
  • Spontaneously
  • On impulse
  • At a moment’s notice
  • Capriciously
  • Without planning
  • Haphazardly
  • Randomly
  • Arbitrarily
  • Unpredictably
  • Erratically
  • On the spur of the moment
  • In a rash
  • In an instant
  • Without forethought

Want to learn how to say on a whim professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Impulsively

Used to describe actions done without forethought, often based on immediate desires or feelings.

  • Example: “He impulsively decided to invest in a new startup, drawn by its innovative approach.”

2. Spontaneously

Appropriate for actions that are performed without premeditation or external stimulus.

  • Example: “The team spontaneously organized a brainstorming session, which led to groundbreaking ideas.”

3. On Impulse

Similar to impulsively, indicating actions done without prior planning or consideration.

  • Example: “She bought the expensive office equipment on impulse, regretting it later.”

4. At a Moment’s Notice

Used to describe actions taken almost immediately, without any prior warning or preparation.

  • Example: “The manager was known for calling meetings at a moment’s notice.”

5. Capriciously

Suitable for actions that are taken based on sudden changes of mood or behavior.

  • Example: “The CEO is known to change business strategies capriciously.”

6. Without Planning

Indicates actions taken without any prior arrangement or thought.

  • Example: “They launched the marketing campaign without planning, leading to mixed results.”

7. Haphazardly

Used for actions that are done in a manner lacking any obvious principle or organization.

  • Example: “The project was put together haphazardly, which was evident in its poor execution.”

8. Randomly

Suitable for actions that are made without a specific plan or pattern.

  • Example: “He randomly selects employees for the monthly performance review.”

9. Arbitrarily

Indicates actions based on random choice or personal whim, rather than reason or system.

  • Example: “Decisions in the company are often made arbitrarily by the management.”

10. Unpredictably

Used when actions are not foreseeable or are liable to change abruptly.

  • Example: “The market’s response to our product was unpredictably positive.”

11. Erratically

Appropriate for actions that lack consistency, regularity, or uniformity.

  • Example: “His attendance at team meetings has always been erratic.”

12. On the Spur of the Moment

Indicates a decision made suddenly, without any planning or forethought.

  • Example: “She decided to join the conference on the spur of the moment.”

13. In a Rash

Used for actions done hastily and without careful consideration.

  • Example: “The decision to cut the budget was made in a rash and led to significant issues.”

14. In an Instant

Suitable for actions taken immediately and without delay.

  • Example: “He accepted the job offer in an instant, without considering other options.”

15. Without Forethought

Indicates actions or decisions taken without previous consideration or planning.

  • Example: “She agreed to the partnership without forethought, overlooking potential risks.”

Linda Brown