What Is Another Way to Say “On a Side Note”?

Looking for synonyms for on a side note? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say on a side note.

  • Incidentally
  • As an aside
  • By the way
  • In passing
  • Tangentially
  • Additionally
  • Furthermore
  • Moreover
  • Parenthetically
  • Speaking of which
  • Also
  • Notably
  • In a similar vein
  • On another note
  • Just as a point of interest
  • Along those lines
  • In relation to this
  • As a side comment
  • In addition
  • On a different note

Want to learn how to say on a side note professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Incidentally

Appropriate Use: Used to introduce a statement that is not the main focus of the conversation.
Example: “Incidentally, I heard that our competitor is launching a new product next month.”

2. As an Aside

Appropriate Use: Introduces a comment related to, but not the main point of, the discussion.
Example: “As an aside, I’d like to mention that the team did an excellent job on the presentation.”

3. By the Way

Appropriate Use: Used to introduce a new, often unrelated topic of conversation.
Example: “By the way, did everyone receive the updated meeting agenda?”

4. In Passing

Appropriate Use: Refers to mentioning something briefly or casually.
Example: “In passing, I should note that the deadline for the report has been moved up.”

5. Tangentially

Appropriate Use: Introduces a point that is only slightly related to the main topic.
Example: “Tangentially, this reminds me of a similar issue we encountered last year.”

6. Additionally

Appropriate Use: Adds extra information or points to consider.
Example: “Additionally, our market research indicates a growing trend in this sector.”

7. Furthermore

Appropriate Use: Introduces additional information that supports or expands on the current topic.
Example: “Furthermore, recent developments in the industry could impact our strategy.”

8. Moreover

Appropriate Use: Used to add information that emphasizes and increases the importance of what is being said.
Example: “Moreover, this aligns perfectly with our long-term goals.”

9. Parenthetically

Appropriate Use: Introduces information that is supplementary or explanatory.
Example: “Parenthetically, I should add that the budget estimates were confirmed yesterday.”

10. Speaking of Which

Appropriate Use: Used to introduce a related topic or idea.
Example: “Speaking of which, we need to discuss the upcoming trade show.”

11. Also

Appropriate Use: Introduces an additional point or idea.
Example: “Also, let’s not forget to update the client about the project’s progress.”

12. Notably

Appropriate Use: Highlights a point that is particularly important or relevant.
Example: “Notably, our sales have increased significantly in the past quarter.”

13. In a Similar Vein

Appropriate Use: Introduces a point or idea that is similar to what has been discussed.
Example: “In a similar vein, our competitors have been expanding their reach in Asia.”

14. On Another Note

Appropriate Use: Changes the topic of conversation to something different.
Example: “On another note, I’d like to discuss our plans for the team-building event.”

15. Just as a Point of Interest

Appropriate Use: Introduces a fact or detail that might be intriguing or relevant.
Example: “Just as a point of interest, our research has shown a shift in consumer preferences.”

16. Along Those Lines

Appropriate Use: Adds information that is related in some way to the current discussion.
Example: “Along those lines, I’ve heard similar feedback from other departments.”

17. In Relation to This

Appropriate Use: Connects the upcoming point to the current topic of discussion.
Example: “In relation to this, our overseas team has some interesting insights to share.”

18. As a Side Comment

Appropriate Use: Introduces a remark that is related but not central to the main discussion.
Example: “As a side comment, I think we should revisit our social media strategy.”

19. In Addition

Appropriate Use: Adds more information or details to what has already been said.
Example: “In addition, the latest market analysis supports our proposed direction.”

20. On a Different Note

Appropriate Use: Shifts the conversation to a new or different topic.
Example: “On a different note, I’d like to congratulate Sarah on her recent award.”

Linda Brown