What Is Another Way to Say “On Another Note”?

Looking for synonyms for on another note? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say on another note.

  • Changing the subject
  • On a different topic
  • In other matters
  • Switching gears
  • Moving on
  • On a side note
  • Alternatively
  • On the other hand
  • Pivoting to
  • In a different vein
  • Turning to
  • Shifting focus
  • Speaking of which
  • On a tangent
  • In another direction

Want to learn how to say on another note professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Changing the Subject

Used when intentionally moving the conversation to a different topic.
Example: “Changing the subject, have you seen the latest sales figures?”

2. On a Different Topic

Appropriate when shifting the discussion to an entirely new area of focus.
Example: “On a different topic, let’s discuss the upcoming team-building event.”

3. In Other Matters

Used to transition to discussing different, possibly unrelated issues or topics.
Example: “In other matters, I’d like to address the new email policy.”

4. Switching Gears

Suitable for a noticeable change in the subject or approach, especially to indicate a transition to a different task or topic.
Example: “Switching gears for a moment, let’s review our quarterly objectives.”

5. Moving On

Used to proceed to a different topic or task, often after a conclusion or pause.
Example: “Moving on, let’s discuss the feedback from our recent client meeting.”

6. On a Side Note

Appropriate for introducing a remark or subject that is somewhat related but not the main focus.
Example: “On a side note, I’d like to congratulate Mark on his successful project launch.”

7. Alternatively

Used to introduce a different or contrasting point or topic.
Example: “Alternatively, we could consider remote working options to reduce overhead costs.”

8. On the Other Hand

Suitable for presenting an opposing or differing view or topic.
Example: “On the other hand, investing more in marketing might yield faster results.”

9. Pivoting To

Used to make a significant or sharp turn in the conversation or topic.
Example: “Pivoting to our financial goals, we need to reassess our spending.”

10. In a Different Vein

Appropriate for transitioning to a topic that is different but possibly related in some way.
Example: “In a different vein, let’s look at how this impacts our long-term strategy.”

11. Turning To

Used to direct attention towards a new or different subject.
Example: “Turning to our agenda, the next item is staff training programs.”

12. Shifting Focus

Suitable for moving attention or discussion from one topic to another.
Example: “Shifting focus to our digital transformation, we have some critical decisions to make.”

13. Speaking of Which

Used when transitioning to a topic that was just mentioned or is tangentially related.
Example: “Speaking of which, the vendor mentioned a similar issue in their report.”

14. On a Tangent

Appropriate for veering off the current topic onto a different, often unrelated one.
Example: “I’m going on a tangent, but I think our social media strategy needs a revamp.”

15. In Another Direction

Used when changing the course of the conversation to something different.
Example: “Let’s go in another direction and talk about potential partnerships.”

Linda Brown