What Is Another Way to Say “Not Do”?

Looking for synonyms for not do? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say not do.

  • Neglect
  • Omit
  • Skip
  • Avoid
  • Bypass
  • Forego
  • Abstain from
  • Refrain from
  • Disregard
  • Shirk
  • Eschew
  • Overlook
  • Pass up
  • Ignore
  • Decline

Want to learn how to say not do professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Neglect

When to use: To fail to care for or attend to something that is required or expected.
Example: “The team cannot afford to neglect regular maintenance of the equipment.”

2. Omit

When to use: To leave something out or exclude it, either intentionally or by accident.
Example: “In the report, be sure not to omit any critical data points that could influence the analysis.”

3. Skip

When to use: To intentionally miss or not participate in an event, task, or step.
Example: “Due to time constraints, we decided to skip the preliminary market research phase.”

4. Avoid

When to use: To deliberately stay away from or not engage in a particular action or activity.
Example: “To minimize risks, it’s crucial to avoid making hasty decisions without proper data.”

5. Bypass

When to use: To go around or avoid something that is seen as an obstacle or not necessary.
Example: “The team found a creative solution to bypass the need for additional funding.”

6. Forego

When to use: To choose not to do something or have something, often for the sake of something else.
Example: “The company decided to forego the annual retreat to allocate more budget to research and development.”

7. Abstain from

When to use: To consciously choose not to participate in a specific action or activity.
Example: “All board members were asked to abstain from voting if they had a conflict of interest.”

8. Refrain from

When to use: To hold oneself back from doing something that might be undesirable or inappropriate.
Example: “Employees are reminded to refrain from discussing confidential information in non-secure environments.”

9. Disregard

When to use: To pay no attention to or ignore something that should be considered or followed.
Example: “Disregarding the client’s feedback could lead to dissatisfaction and loss of business.”

10. Shirk

When to use: To avoid or neglect a duty or responsibility.
Example: “Shirking from leadership responsibilities can undermine a team’s morale and productivity.”

11. Eschew

When to use: To deliberately avoid using, accepting, or engaging in something.
Example: “The company eschews traditional marketing techniques in favor of digital channels.”

12. Overlook

When to use: To fail to notice or consider something, often unintentionally.
Example: “The project manager cannot afford to overlook any detail, no matter how small.”

13. Pass up

When to use: To decline an opportunity or option.
Example: “After careful consideration, the executive decided to pass up the offer to expand into the new market.”

14. Ignore

When to use: To intentionally not listen to, consider, or acknowledge something.
Example: “Ignoring market trends can be detrimental to the company’s strategic positioning.”

15. Decline

When to use: To politely refuse or turn down an offer, invitation, or opportunity.
Example: “Due to conflicting commitments, the CEO had to decline the invitation to speak at the conference.”

Linda Brown