What Is Another Way to Say “Work Around”?

Looking for synonyms for work around? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say work around.

  • Circumvent
  • Bypass
  • Navigate around
  • Find an alternative to
  • Avoid
  • Sidestep
  • Overcome
  • Skirt
  • Get around
  • Devise a solution for
  • Maneuver around
  • Outmaneuver
  • Get past
  • Tackle indirectly
  • Deal with creatively
  • Adapt to
  • Engineer a way around
  • Negotiate
  • Resolve
  • Surmount

Want to learn how to say work around professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Circumvent

Appropriate Use: To find a way around an obstacle or challenge.
Example: “The team had to circumvent budget limitations to deliver the project successfully.”

2. Bypass

Appropriate Use: To go around or avoid a problem or obstacle.
Example: “We can bypass the lengthy approval process by escalating the issue to higher management.”

Appropriate Use: To skillfully avoid a difficulty or obstacle.
Example: “She navigated around the limitations of the software by utilizing add-ons.”

4. Find an alternative to

Appropriate Use: To find a different method or solution.
Example: “The engineering team found an alternative to the discontinued parts.”

5. Avoid

Appropriate Use: To keep away from or stop oneself from doing something.
Example: “To avoid delays, the project manager streamlined the review process.”

6. Sidestep

Appropriate Use: To avoid dealing with a problem or issue directly.
Example: “The team sidestepped the usual procedures to meet the urgent deadline.”

7. Overcome

Appropriate Use: To successfully deal with or gain control over something difficult.
Example: “The department overcame the challenges of remote working with innovative solutions.”

8. Skirt

Appropriate Use: To go around or avoid the edge of something.
Example: “He skirted company policy to expedite the process.”

9. Get around

Appropriate Use: To find a way of dealing with or avoiding a problem.
Example: “She managed to get around the software issue by using a workaround.”

10. Devise a solution for

Appropriate Use: To invent a creative solution to a problem.
Example: “The team devised a solution for the recurring system error.”

11. Maneuver around

Appropriate Use: To carefully guide or manipulate situations to one’s advantage.
Example: “We need to maneuver around these regulatory restrictions to launch the product.”

12. Outmaneuver

Appropriate Use: To gain an advantage over a competitor or problem.
Example: “Our marketing strategy successfully outmaneuvered the competition.”

13. Get past

Appropriate Use: To move beyond something that is blocking progress.
Example: “The company had to get past legal hurdles to continue its expansion.”

14. Tackle indirectly

Appropriate Use: To handle a problem in a non-direct or roundabout way.
Example: “The manager tackled the team’s low morale indirectly by organizing team-building activities.”

15. Deal with creatively

Appropriate Use: To handle a situation in an innovative or unconventional manner.
Example: “The HR department dealt with the recruitment challenge creatively by hosting a virtual job fair.”

16. Adapt to

Appropriate Use: To adjust or modify something to suit a new condition or environment.
Example: “The organization adapted to the new market trends by altering its product line.”

17. Engineer a way around

Appropriate Use: To skillfully create a method to avoid a problem.
Example: “The engineers engineered a way around the mechanical flaw in the prototype.”

18. Negotiate

Appropriate Use: To find a way over or through an obstacle or difficult path.
Example: “The team negotiated several challenges during the project’s early stages.”

19. Resolve

Appropriate Use: To find a solution to a problem or dispute.
Example: “The conflict within the team was resolved through mediation.”

20. Surmount

Appropriate Use: To overcome a difficulty or obstacle.
Example: “She surmounted numerous challenges to become the leader in her field.”

Linda Brown