What Is Another Way to Say “Negative Effect”?

Looking for synonyms for negative effect? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say negative effect.

  • Detrimental impact
  • Adverse effect
  • Harmful consequence
  • Deleterious effect
  • Unfavorable outcome
  • Negative impact
  • Damaging result
  • Undesirable effect
  • Injurious consequence
  • Detriment
  • Unwholesome influence
  • Disadvantageous effect
  • Pernicious effect
  • Baleful impact
  • Noxious result

Want to learn how to say negative effect professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Detrimental Impact

Appropriate Use: To describe a significantly harmful effect.
Example: The new tax law had a detrimental impact on small businesses.

2. Adverse Effect

Appropriate Use: To denote an unfavorable or harmful outcome.
Example: The adverse effects of the marketing blunder were felt across the entire campaign.

3. Harmful Consequence

Appropriate Use: When referring to a damaging or injurious outcome.
Example: The harmful consequences of poor data security are extensive.

4. Deleterious Effect

Appropriate Use: To describe a subtle yet harmful impact.
Example: The prolonged working hours had a deleterious effect on employee health.

5. Unfavorable Outcome

Appropriate Use: To indicate a result that is not beneficial or desired.
Example: The rebranding strategy led to an unfavorable outcome, alienating existing customers.

6. Negative Impact

Appropriate Use: To refer to a general detrimental effect.
Example: The economic downturn had a negative impact on the company’s sales.

7. Damaging Result

Appropriate Use: To indicate a result that causes harm or deterioration.
Example: The data breach had a severely damaging result on the company’s reputation.

8. Undesirable Effect

Appropriate Use: To describe an effect that is not wanted or is harmful.
Example: The new policy introduced by the company had several undesirable effects on productivity.

9. Injurious Consequence

Appropriate Use: To describe a consequence that causes damage or harm.
Example: The injurious consequences of ignoring environmental regulations were profound.

10. Detriment

Appropriate Use: To refer to damage or harm caused by something.
Example: The lack of investment in R&D is to the detriment of the company’s future growth.

11. Unwholesome Influence

Appropriate Use: To describe an influence that is detrimental to health or well-being.
Example: The unwholesome influence of high-pressure sales tactics affected employee morale.

12. Disadvantageous Effect

Appropriate Use: To indicate an effect that creates a disadvantage.
Example: The new import tariffs had a disadvantageous effect on the manufacturing sector.

13. Pernicious Effect

Appropriate Use: To describe an effect that is subtly harmful or destructive.
Example: The pernicious effect of misinformation spread rapidly through the organization.

14. Baleful Impact

Appropriate Use: To denote a sinister or harmful impact.
Example: The baleful impact of unethical competition practices was a concern for the industry.

15. Noxious Result

Appropriate Use: To describe a result that is harmful or toxic.
Example: The noxious result of the chemical spill was devastating to the local wildlife.

Linda Brown