What Is Another Way to Say “Made up Of”?

Looking for synonyms for made up of? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say made up of.

  • Composed of
  • Constituted by
  • Formed of
  • Built of
  • Consisting of
  • Created from
  • Assembled from
  • Constructed from
  • Comprised of
  • Fabricated from
  • Put together from
  • Derived from
  • Developed from
  • Made from
  • Constituted with

Want to learn how to say made up of professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Composed of

Used when describing the elements that form a whole.

  • Example: “The committee is composed of members from different departments.”

2. Constituted by

Appropriate for formal contexts to describe what something is made up of.

  • Example: “The task force is constituted by experts in various fields.”

3. Formed of

Used to describe the components that come together to create something.

  • Example: “The panel was formed of industry leaders and academics.”

4. Built of

Suitable for physical structures or things made from certain materials.

  • Example: “The bridge is built of steel and concrete.”

5. Consisting of

Used to specify the parts or elements that make up a whole.

  • Example: “The training program consists of several interactive modules.”

6. Created from

Appropriate when describing something that has been made from certain components or elements.

  • Example: “The new software was created from advanced algorithms and user feedback.”

7. Assembled from

Used when various parts are brought together to form something.

  • Example: “The machine was assembled from imported components.”

8. Constructed from

Appropriate for describing how something is built or made.

  • Example: “The model was constructed from eco-friendly materials.”

9. Comprised of

Used to describe the elements or individuals that make up a group or structure.

  • Example: “The team is comprised of specialists in different engineering fields.”

10. Fabricated from

Suitable for items that are manufactured or crafted from certain materials.

  • Example: “The sculpture is fabricated from recycled metal.”

11. Put together from

Used for things that have been assembled or composed from various parts.

  • Example: “The proposal was put together from several existing studies.”

12. Derived from

Appropriate when indicating the origin or source of something.

  • Example: “The theory is derived from extensive empirical research.”

13. Developed from

Used when something has evolved or been elaborated from a simpler form.

  • Example: “The application was developed from a basic prototype.”

14. Made from

A general term for describing what something is made out of.

  • Example: “The product is made from organic, sustainable materials.”

15. Constituted with

Formal and similar to ‘constituted by,’ used to describe composition.

  • Example: “The advisory board is constituted with experts from diverse fields.”

Linda Brown