What Is Another Way to Say “Hit the Ground Running”?

Looking for synonyms for hit the ground running? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say hit the ground running.

  • Start off quickly
  • Begin energetically
  • Commence with vigor
  • Get off to a flying start
  • Launch into action
  • Dive in headfirst
  • Jump in feet first
  • Take off rapidly
  • Spring into action
  • Burst out of the gate
  • Get going immediately
  • Embark briskly
  • Accelerate from the start
  • Hit the deck running
  • Start at full speed

Want to learn how to say hit the ground running professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Start Off Quickly

Used when initiating an activity or task with great speed.

  • Example: “As soon as she was hired, she started off quickly with the new marketing campaign.”

2. Begin Energetically

Appropriate for commencing an endeavor with enthusiasm and energy.

  • Example: “The team began energetically on the development of the new software.”

3. Commence with Vigor

Ideal for starting an activity with determination and strong effort.

  • Example: “He commenced with vigor on the research project, aiming for early breakthroughs.”

4. Get Off to a Flying Start

Used for starting something very successfully and quickly.

  • Example: “The new branch got off to a flying start, exceeding its first-quarter targets.”

5. Launch into Action

Appropriate when quickly starting to do something with a lot of energy.

  • Example: “After the strategy meeting, she launched into action to reorganize her department.”

6. Dive in Headfirst

Used when starting something with great enthusiasm and without hesitation.

  • Example: “He dived in headfirst into the project, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives.”

7. Jump in Feet First

Ideal for beginning something with enthusiasm and without delay.

  • Example: “She jumped in feet first to take on the challenges of her new role.”

8. Take Off Rapidly

Used when someone or something starts or progresses very quickly.

  • Example: “The new product line took off rapidly, gaining significant market share.”

9. Spring into Action

Appropriate for quickly starting a task or responding to a situation.

  • Example: “Once the problem was identified, the team sprang into action to resolve it.”

10. Burst Out of the Gate

Used for starting a process or activity with full energy and enthusiasm.

  • Example: “The sales team burst out of the gate at the start of the fiscal year.”

11. Get Going Immediately

Ideal for initiating an action or task without any delay.

  • Example: “After receiving the client’s feedback, we got going immediately on the revisions.”

12. Embark Briskly

Used when beginning a journey, task, or project in a quick and energetic way.

  • Example: “The new manager embarked briskly on a series of improvements within the department.”

13. Accelerate from the Start

Appropriate for quickly gaining speed or making progress in the early stages.

  • Example: “The campaign accelerated from the start, quickly raising awareness.”

14. Hit the Deck Running

Used in situations where immediate action or fast response is necessary.

  • Example: “Upon her return from leave, she hit the deck running to catch up on pending tasks.”

15. Start at Full Speed

Ideal for commencing an activity at the highest level of effort or intensity.

  • Example: “With the tight deadline, the design team had to start at full speed.”

Linda Brown