What Is Another Way to Say “Lip Service”?

Looking for synonyms for lip service? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say lip service.

  • Empty Talk
  • Hollow Words
  • Insincere Flattery
  • Platitudes
  • Superficial Praise
  • Token Gesture
  • Meaningless Words
  • Superficial Assurance
  • Perfunctory Acknowledgment
  • Empty Promises

Want to learn how to say lip service professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Empty Talk

Use when someone’s words lack substance or sincerity, often in a professional context.

  • Example: “The manager’s promises of improvement were just empty talk, as no real changes were made.”

2. Hollow Words

Appropriate when expressions or commitments are made with no intention of being fulfilled.

  • Example: “The company’s commitment to sustainability turned out to be hollow words.”

3. Insincere Flattery

Used when compliments or praise are given without genuine belief or sincerity.

  • Example: “His insincere flattery towards the board members was obvious to everyone.”

4. Platitudes

Suitable for statements that are intended to sound meaningful or comforting but are actually clichéd and lacking in originality.

  • Example: “The CEO’s speech was filled with platitudes but lacked any concrete action plans.”

5. Superficial Praise

Used when commendations or compliments are given in a surface-level manner without depth or sincerity.

  • Example: “The superficial praise from the consultant didn’t address the team’s hard work.”

6. Token Gesture

Refers to a small, symbolic action that is made to appear significant but is actually trivial and insincere.

  • Example: “Offering a small discount to resolve a major customer complaint seemed like a token gesture.”

7. Meaningless Words

Appropriate for statements that hold no real value or significance, especially in a professional setting.

  • Example: “Her assurances of timely delivery to the client were just meaningless words.”

8. Superficial Assurance

Used when assurances or guarantees are given in a way that lacks depth, understanding, or sincerity.

  • Example: “The manager’s superficial assurance did not convince the employees of job security.”

9. Perfunctory Acknowledgment

Refers to recognition or acknowledgment given in a routine, unenthusiastic, and often insincere manner.

  • Example: “His perfunctory acknowledgment of the team’s success didn’t feel genuine.”

10. Empty Promises

Suitable for commitments or assurances that are made without any intention or ability to fulfill them.

  • Example: “The project leader’s repeated empty promises led to a loss of trust within the team.”

Linda Brown