What Is Another Way to Say “In the Moment”?

Looking for synonyms for in the moment? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say in the moment.

  • Presently
  • Currently
  • Right now
  • At this instant
  • At the present time
  • In the present
  • At this moment
  • In real time
  • Here and now
  • At this point
  • Immediately
  • In this moment
  • As we speak
  • For the time being
  • At the current time

Want to learn how to say in the moment professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Presently

Usage: Suitable for referring to the current time, often implying very soon.
Example: “Presently, our team is working on the final stages of the project.”

2. Currently

Usage: Ideal for indicating something that is happening now or in the current period.
Example: “The company is currently expanding into new international markets.”

3. Right Now

Usage: Appropriate for emphasizing immediacy or urgency.
Example: “Right now, our focus is on addressing the client’s feedback.”

4. At This Instant

Usage: Used to emphasize the exact current moment.
Example: “At this instant, the system is undergoing essential maintenance.”

5. At the Present Time

Usage: Suitable for a more formal expression of the current time or situation.
Example: “At the present time, we are not considering any further acquisitions.”

6. In the Present

Usage: Ideal for focusing on the current state or period, often in a reflective context.
Example: “In the present, the organization is more digitally oriented than ever before.”

7. At This Moment

Usage: Appropriate for highlighting the specific current moment.
Example: “At this moment, our team is meeting to discuss the project’s progress.”

8. In Real Time

Usage: Used for situations where events or actions are occurring simultaneously with their reporting or observation.
Example: “The data is being analyzed in real time to inform immediate decisions.”

9. Here and Now

Usage: Suitable for emphasizing the importance or relevance of the current time and place.
Example: “In the here and now, quick and efficient decision-making is crucial.”

10. At This Point

Usage: Ideal for referring to the current stage in a process or period.
Example: “At this point, we should re-evaluate our strategy to better meet market demands.”

11. Immediately

Usage: Appropriate for something that is happening without delay.
Example: “The issue needs to be addressed immediately to prevent further complications.”

12. In This Moment

Usage: Used to focus on the specific current moment or situation.
Example: “In this moment, it’s vital we stay committed to our core values.”

13. As We Speak

Usage: Suitable for describing something that is happening at the exact time of speaking.
Example: “As we speak, the new software update is being rolled out.”

14. For the Time Being

Usage: Ideal for a temporary current situation.
Example: “For the time being, we will maintain our current working arrangements.”

15. At the Current Time

Usage: Appropriate for formally stating the present time or situation.
Example: “At the current time, our primary focus is on research and development.”

Linda Brown