What Is Another Way to Say “Last Chance”?

Looking for synonyms for last chance? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say last chance.

  • Final opportunity
  • Last shot
  • Final attempt
  • Ultimate chance
  • Last resort
  • Final call
  • Last hurrah
  • Ultimate attempt
  • Last go-round
  • Last stand
  • Eleventh hour
  • Final offer
  • Last-ditch effort
  • Swan song
  • Final try

Want to learn how to say last chance professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Final Opportunity

Appropriate in situations where it’s the last available chance to achieve or do something.
Example: “This meeting is our final opportunity to secure the client’s investment.”

2. Last Shot

Used when someone has one more chance to succeed in their endeavor.
Example: “This is your last shot at presenting your proposal to the board.”

3. Final Attempt

Suitable for a situation where a final effort is being made after several tries.
Example: “Our team is making a final attempt to resolve the technical issues before the deadline.”

4. Ultimate Chance

Appropriate for the last available opportunity, often in a decisive or critical situation.
Example: “This contract negotiation is our ultimate chance to expand into the Asian market.”

5. Last Resort

Used as a final option after all other methods or strategies have failed or been exhausted.
Example: “Laying off staff should be considered only as a last resort.”

6. Final Call

Appropriate for the last moment to take action or make a decision.
Example: “This announcement is the final call for applicants to submit their proposals.”

7. Last Hurrah

Used to describe the final effort, often in a career or long-term endeavor.
Example: “The upcoming product launch will be the CEO’s last hurrah before retirement.”

8. Ultimate Attempt

Suitable for the final effort to achieve something, often after many failures.
Example: “This pitch to the investors is our ultimate attempt to secure funding.”

9. Last Go-Round

Used to describe the final chance or turn in a series of opportunities.
Example: “This is our last go-round to refine our strategy before the review.”

10. Last Stand

Appropriate for a final effort or defense, often against significant odds.
Example: “The team’s presentation to the board was a last stand to save the project.”

11. Eleventh Hour

Used to describe a final moment or late opportunity to change or influence an outcome.
Example: “The eleventh-hour negotiations averted the company from bankruptcy.”

12. Final Offer

Appropriate for the last proposal or deal presented in a negotiation.
Example: “We have reached our budget limit; this is our final offer.”

13. Last-Ditch Effort

Suitable for a desperate final attempt when all else seems to have failed.
Example: “The company’s last-ditch effort to merge with a competitor was successful.”

14. Swan Song

Used to describe a final act or creation, often of a notable person or entity.
Example: “The innovative product launch was considered the director’s swan song before his transition to a new industry.”

15. Final Try

Appropriate for the last attempt to succeed after multiple efforts.
Example: “This is our final try to optimize the system before the evaluation.”

Linda Brown