What Is Another Way to Say “Lay the Groundwork”?

Looking for synonyms for lay the groundwork? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say lay the groundwork.

  • Establish the foundation
  • Set the stage
  • Prepare the base
  • Build the framework
  • Pave the way
  • Create the bedrock
  • Forge the path
  • Construct the groundwork
  • Develop the underpinning
  • Initiate the groundwork
  • Plant the seeds
  • Frame the structure
  • Prepare the groundwork
  • Form the basis
  • Lay the basis

Want to learn how to say lay the groundwork professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Establish the Foundation

Appropriate when starting a project or initiative with essential preliminary work.
Example: “We must first establish the foundation for our new marketing strategy.”

2. Set the Stage

Used when preparing for an important event, project, or change.
Example: “The preliminary research will set the stage for our innovative product development.”

3. Prepare the Base

Suitable for situations that require initial groundwork before the main task.
Example: “It’s vital to prepare the base with thorough market analysis before launching the campaign.”

4. Build the Framework

Used when creating a structured approach or plan for a project.
Example: “Our team will build the framework for the new software architecture.”

5. Pave the Way

Appropriate for actions that make subsequent steps easier or possible.
Example: “The pilot program will pave the way for the full-scale implementation of our system.”

6. Create the Bedrock

Used when establishing a strong, fundamental basis for something.
Example: “Effective training programs create the bedrock for high-performing teams.”

7. Forge the Path

Suitable for developing a new or innovative approach in a project or field.
Example: “By adopting this technology, we are forging the path for future industry advancements.”

8. Construct the Groundwork

Used for building the necessary base or structure for a larger project.
Example: “The initial phase of the project is focused on constructing the groundwork for the main development stage.”

9. Develop the Underpinning

Appropriate for creating a support system or basis for something complex.
Example: “We need to develop the underpinning for our international expansion strategy.”

10. Initiate the Groundwork

Used at the beginning of a process to start the preliminary work.
Example: “Let’s initiate the groundwork with a comprehensive feasibility study.”

11. Plant the Seeds

Suitable for initial actions that will lead to future benefits or developments.
Example: “Our networking efforts at the conference will plant the seeds for future partnerships.”

12. Frame the Structure

Used when outlining the basic structure or guidelines for a project.
Example: “The initial meetings are crucial to frame the structure of our collaborative agreement.”

13. Prepare the Groundwork

Appropriate for making ready or setting up the basic work necessary for a project.
Example: “We must prepare the groundwork thoroughly to ensure the project’s success.”

14. Form the Basis

Used when establishing the basic principles or foundation for something.
Example: “The first phase of research will form the basis for our detailed analysis.”

15. Lay the Basis

Appropriate for creating the initial layer or foundation upon which something will be built.
Example: “Our early investments in technology lay the basis for our current digital transformation.”

Linda Brown