What Is Another Way to Say “In the Near Future”?

Looking for synonyms for in the near future? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say in the near future.

  • Soon
  • Shortly
  • In the coming days
  • Before long
  • In a short while
  • In the short term
  • Presently
  • In due course
  • In the immediate future
  • Imminently
  • In a little while
  • In the offing
  • In the foreseeable future
  • Before you know it
  • On the horizon

Want to learn how to say in the near future professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Soon

Use when indicating that something will happen in a very short time.
Example: The company plans to launch the new product line soon.

2. Shortly

Use to suggest an event will occur in a very brief period of time.
Example: The CEO will address the shareholders shortly.

3. In the coming days

Use when an event is expected to happen within the next few days.
Example: The board meeting is scheduled in the coming days.

4. Before long

Use to indicate that something will happen soon, without specifying a precise time.
Example: The research team expects to publish their findings before long.

5. In a short while

Use to convey that an event will occur soon, typically within a few hours or days.
Example: The software update will be available in a short while.

6. In the short term

Use to refer to events happening in the near future, usually within a few weeks or months.
Example: In the short term, the company will focus on improving customer service.

7. Presently

Use to indicate something will happen very soon, often within minutes or hours.
Example: The manager will join us presently to discuss the project details.

8. In due course

Use when something is expected to happen after a reasonable amount of time.
Example: The audit results will be released in due course.

9. In the immediate future

Use to refer to something happening very soon, typically within days.
Example: In the immediate future, we will be expanding our operations to Europe.

10. Imminently

Use to describe something that is about to happen at any moment.
Example: The announcement of the merger is expected imminently.

11. In a little while

Use to convey that an event will occur soon, but not immediately.
Example: The financial report will be ready for review in a little while.

12. In the offing

Use to suggest something will happen soon, usually within a foreseeable period.
Example: A major policy change is in the offing as the market evolves.

13. In the foreseeable future

Use to indicate an event is likely to happen soon and can be predicted.
Example: The company is not planning any major layoffs in the foreseeable future.

14. Before you know it

Use colloquially to imply that something will happen so quickly it will be surprising.
Example: The new software version will be implemented across the department before you know it.

15. On the horizon

Use to suggest something is going to happen soon and is already anticipated.
Example: Major regulatory changes are on the horizon for the industry.

Linda Brown