What Is Another Way to Say “In Light Of”?

Looking for synonyms for in light of? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say in light of.

  • Considering
  • Taking into account
  • Bearing in mind
  • Given
  • In view of
  • With regard to
  • On account of
  • Due to
  • As a result of
  • In consideration of
  • In the context of
  • In response to
  • In the wake of
  • With respect to
  • Following
  • Because of
  • Owing to
  • In the face of
  • In terms of
  • Pertaining to

Want to learn how to say in light of professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Considering

Used to take into account certain factors or circumstances.

Example: “Considering the current market trends, we should adjust our strategy.”

2. Taking into account

Appropriate for including particular factors in one’s reasoning or decision-making.

Example: “Taking into account the recent feedback, we will modify the product design.”

3. Bearing in mind

Used when keeping certain factors in consideration.

Example: “Bearing in mind the tight budget, we need to prioritize our project spending.”

4. Given

Appropriate for introducing a factor or condition that affects a situation.

Example: “Given the economic climate, we must be cautious with our investments.”

5. In view of

Used to consider or reflect on a particular fact or situation.

Example: “In view of the new regulations, we need to update our compliance policies.”

6. With regard to

Appropriate for focusing on a specific aspect or topic.

Example: “With regard to your proposal, we have some suggestions.”

7. On account of

Used to explain reasons or causes.

Example: “The event was postponed on account of bad weather.”

8. Due to

Appropriate for indicating the cause or reason for something.

Example: “Due to technological advancements, our processes have become more efficient.”

9. As a result of

Used to show the outcome or effect of a certain cause.

Example: “As a result of increased demand, we will be hiring more staff.”

10. In consideration of

Appropriate for taking something into account when making a decision.

Example: “In consideration of your years of service, you have been granted additional vacation days.”

11. In the context of

Used when considering something within a particular framework or situation.

Example: “In the context of global expansion, we need to focus on cultural sensitivity.”

12. In response to

Appropriate for actions that are a reaction to something else.

Example: “In response to customer feedback, we are updating our return policy.”

13. In the wake of

Used to describe something happening after and often as a result of something else.

Example: “In the wake of the merger, several new positions have been created.”

14. With respect to

Appropriate for referring specifically to a certain point or aspect.

Example: “With respect to your inquiry, we have updated the project timeline.”

15. Following

Used to indicate that something happens after something else.

Example: “Following the board meeting, several key decisions were made.”

16. Because of

Appropriate for explaining the cause of something.

Example: “The launch was successful because of the team’s hard work and dedication.”

17. Owing to

Used to indicate that something happened as a result of something.

Example: “Owing to the shortage of materials, production was temporarily halted.”

18. In the face of

Appropriate for doing something despite difficult or challenging circumstances.

Example: “In the face of adversity, the team showed remarkable resilience.”

19. In terms of

Used to specify the aspect or topic being discussed or considered.

Example: “In terms of market share, the company has seen significant growth.”

20. Pertaining to

Appropriate for relating specifically to something.

Example: “The new guidelines pertaining to remote work will be implemented next month.”

Linda Brown