What Is Another Way to Say “In a Hurry”?

Looking for synonyms for in a hurry? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say in a hurry.

  • Rushed
  • Pressed for time
  • In a rush
  • Hurried
  • On the clock
  • Time-pressed
  • In a time crunch
  • Hastily
  • Speedily
  • Swiftly

Want to learn how to say in a hurry professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Rushed

“Rushed” is used in professional contexts when someone is acting quickly or with urgency, often to meet a deadline or obligation.

Example: “We completed the project, but it felt rushed due to the tight deadline.”

2. Pressed for Time

“Pressed for time” is suitable in professional settings to describe a situation where there is not enough time to do everything.

Example: “I can’t join the meeting today as I am pressed for time with this report.”

3. In a Rush

“In a rush” is commonly used in professional environments to indicate that someone is hurrying to complete something or go somewhere.

Example: “She was in a rush to get to the client’s office for the presentation.”

4. Hurried

“Hurried” is used to describe actions or decisions made very quickly, sometimes too quickly, in a professional context.

Example: “The hurried decision to launch the product led to unforeseen complications.”

5. On the Clock

“On the clock” implies a sense of urgency due to limited time, often in a work or task-focused professional setting.

Example: “We need to finalize these designs quickly; we’re on the clock here.”

6. Time-Pressed

“Time-pressed” is used in professional situations where someone is under pressure to complete tasks within a limited timeframe.

Example: “Being time-pressed, she delegated some of her tasks to meet the project deadline.”

7. In a Time Crunch

“In a time crunch” describes a situation in a professional setting where there is a critical shortage of time to complete tasks.

Example: “We’re in a time crunch to get this proposal submitted by the end of the day.”

8. Hastily

“Hastily” refers to doing something quickly and often with insufficient care or thought, in a professional context.

Example: “The report was hastily prepared, which resulted in several errors.”

9. Speedily

“Speedily” is used in professional contexts to describe something done quickly and efficiently.

Example: “The team worked speedily to resolve the unexpected issue.”

10. Swiftly

“Swiftly” is suitable for describing quick and immediate actions in a professional environment.

Example: “The manager swiftly addressed the concerns raised by the client.”

Linda Brown