What Is Another Way to Say “I Look Forward To”?

Looking for synonyms for i look forward to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say i look forward to.

  • I anticipate
  • I eagerly await
  • I am excited about
  • I can’t wait for
  • I am enthusiastic about
  • I am keen on
  • I await with anticipation
  • I am eager to see
  • I am counting down to
  • I am excitedly anticipating
  • I am all set for
  • I am geared up for
  • I am awaiting with eagerness
  • I have high hopes for
  • I am on the edge of my seat for

Want to learn how to say i look forward to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. I Anticipate

Used when expecting something with confidence or excitement.

  • Example: “I anticipate our collaboration on the upcoming project.”

2. I Eagerly Await

Ideal for expressing strong enthusiasm about an upcoming event.

  • Example: “I eagerly await the results of our team’s innovative research.”

3. I Am Excited About

Used when feeling enthusiastic and eager about something.

  • Example: “I am excited about the launch of our new product line next month.”

4. I Can’t Wait For

Appropriate for expressing a high level of excitement and impatience.

  • Example: “I can’t wait for the international conference in Berlin.”

5. I Am Enthusiastic About

Used for showing a lively interest in something upcoming.

  • Example: “I am enthusiastic about the potential changes our new management will bring.”

6. I Am Keen On

Ideal for expressing a strong interest or eagerness in something.

  • Example: “I am keen on exploring the new markets you suggested.”

7. I Await with Anticipation

Used when waiting for something with a sense of expectation.

  • Example: “I await with anticipation the feedback on my recent presentation.”

8. I Am Eager to See

Appropriate for expressing a desire to witness or experience something.

  • Example: “I am eager to see the impact of our new marketing strategy.”

9. I Am Counting Down to

Used for eagerly marking time until a particular event.

  • Example: “I am counting down to our team’s annual off-site meeting.”

10. I Am Excitedly Anticipating

Ideal for a heightened sense of excitement about something in the future.

  • Example: “I am excitedly anticipating the upcoming merger discussions.”

11. I Am All Set For

Used when fully prepared and eagerly awaiting something.

  • Example: “I am all set for the product demonstration next week.”

12. I Am Geared Up For

Appropriate for expressing readiness and excitement for a future event.

  • Example: “I am geared up for the challenging assignment ahead.”

13. I Am Awaiting with Eagerness

Used to convey a strong sense of eagerness about an upcoming event or outcome.

  • Example: “I am awaiting with eagerness the outcome of the funding proposal.”

14. I Have High Hopes For

Ideal for expressing optimism and expectations about something.

  • Example: “I have high hopes for our new team’s performance.”

15. I Am On the Edge of My Seat For

Used to express extreme anticipation and excitement.

  • Example: “I am on the edge of my seat for the announcement of the award winners.”

Linda Brown