What Is Another Way to Say “Work Together”?

Looking for synonyms for work together? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say work together.

  • Collaborate
  • Cooperate
  • Team up
  • Partner
  • Join forces
  • Contribute
  • Coordinate
  • Synergize
  • Unite
  • Combine efforts
  • Co-work
  • Consort
  • Align
  • Pool resources
  • Share expertise
  • Interact
  • Network
  • Liaise
  • Integrate
  • Coalesce

Want to learn how to say work together professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Collaborate

Appropriate for working jointly on an activity or project.
Example: “The two departments will collaborate on the new marketing campaign.”

2. Cooperate

Suitable for working together towards a common goal or benefit.
Example: “All team members need to cooperate to meet the project deadline.”

3. Team up

Used when joining another person or group to work together, especially in a sporting context or for a specific task.
Example: “We decided to team up with a leading software company for this project.”

4. Partner

Appropriate for working with someone else, often in a business context, to achieve shared goals.
Example: “Our firm will partner with environmental NGOs to promote sustainability initiatives.”

5. Join forces

Used when two or more groups or organizations come together to work on a common initiative or goal.
Example: “The tech startups joined forces to create a more powerful network solution.”

6. Contribute

Suitable for giving something, such as ideas or efforts, to help achieve or further a task or goal.
Example: “Each member of the team is expected to contribute their expertise to the project.”

7. Coordinate

Used when arranging the various elements of a complex task or project to ensure effective operation.
Example: “We need to coordinate with the sales and marketing teams for a synchronized product launch.”

8. Synergize

Appropriate for working together in a way that the collective impact is greater than the sum of individual efforts.
Example: “The collaboration between the different IT teams helped to synergize their skills and knowledge.”

9. Unite

Used when coming together for a common purpose or action.
Example: “The employees united in their efforts to raise funds for the charity event.”

10. Combine efforts

Suitable for joining with others to pool efforts towards a shared objective.
Example: “By combining our efforts, we can increase the effectiveness of the campaign.”

11. Co-work

Appropriate for working together, especially in a shared office or collaborative space.
Example: “Many freelancers co-work in shared spaces to network and share ideas.”

12. Consort

Used for working in agreement or in partnership, typically in a formal or official capacity.
Example: “The research institutes will consort to develop advanced technologies.”

13. Align

Appropriate for adjusting or arranging multiple elements in a straight line or parallel to each other.
Example: “All departments must align their strategies to achieve the company’s overall objectives.”

14. Pool resources

Used when combining resources, such as money, equipment, or skills, from different sources for a common purpose.
Example: “Pooling resources across departments can lead to more efficient project execution.”

15. Share expertise

Suitable for mutual exchange of skills and knowledge to benefit a collaborative effort.
Example: “We encourage our employees to share expertise to foster a learning environment.”

16. Interact

Appropriate for acting in a way that affects or has an effect on another.
Example: “The software developers interact regularly with the quality assurance team to refine the product.”

17. Network

Used for interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.
Example: “Attending industry conferences is a great way to network with potential partners.”

18. Liaise

Appropriate for establishing and maintaining communication for mutual understanding or cooperation.
Example: “Our liaison officer will liaise with the regulatory bodies for compliance.”

19. Integrate

Used when combining one thing with another to become a whole.
Example: “The new software is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems.”

20. Coalesce

Appropriate for coming together to form one mass or whole.
Example: “The diverse teams coalesced to work on the multinational project efficiently.”

Linda Brown