What Is Another Way to Say “I Agree With You”?

Looking for synonyms for I agree with you? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say I agree with you.

  • I concur with you
  • You have my agreement
  • I’m on the same page
  • I share your view
  • I’m in accord with you
  • I endorse your opinion
  • We see eye to eye
  • I hold the same opinion
  • I’m aligned with your perspective
  • You’ve got my approval
  • I echo your sentiments
  • I second that
  • I support your viewpoint
  • I’m in agreement
  • That resonates with me

Want to learn how to say I agree with you professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. I Concur with You

“I concur with you” is used in formal or professional settings to express agreement, often in meetings or written communications.

Example: “I concur with you on the proposed strategy for increasing market share.”

2. You Have My Agreement

“You have my agreement” is a formal way of expressing assent, suitable in business negotiations or when finalizing decisions.

Example: “You have my agreement on the terms of the contract.”

3. I’m on the Same Page

“I’m on the same page” is used in a more casual or colloquial context to indicate agreement, especially when ensuring mutual understanding.

Example: “I’m on the same page with you regarding the project deadlines.”

4. I Share Your View

“I share your view” is appropriate for expressing agreement in discussions or debates, indicating a similar perspective or opinion.

Example: “I share your view on the importance of sustainable business practices.”

5. I’m in Accord with You

“I’m in accord with you” is a more formal and less common way of expressing agreement, suitable in formal writings or speeches.

Example: “I’m in accord with you on the need for more rigorous data security measures.”

6. I Endorse Your Opinion

“I endorse your opinion” is used when providing strong support or approval for someone’s opinion, especially in professional or public forums.

Example: “I endorse your opinion that customer service should be our top priority.”

7. We See Eye to Eye

“We see eye to eye” is a colloquial expression for mutual agreement, often used in a friendly or cooperative context.

Example: “We see eye to eye on the merger’s benefits to both companies.”

8. I Hold the Same Opinion

“I hold the same opinion” is a straightforward and clear way of expressing agreement, especially in discussions or meetings.

Example: “I hold the same opinion as you when it comes to the new branding strategy.”

9. I’m Aligned with Your Perspective

“I’m aligned with your perspective” is used in professional contexts to show agreement, particularly when aligning on strategies or visions.

Example: “I’m aligned with your perspective on expanding our digital marketing efforts.”

10. You’ve Got My Approval

“You’ve got my approval” is used in situations where one’s consent or agreement is necessary, such as in managerial or supervisory roles.

Example: “You’ve got my approval to proceed with the new hiring plan.”

11. I Echo Your Sentiments

“I echo your sentiments” is a way of showing agreement by reiterating or reinforcing another’s statement, often used in meetings or public speaking.

Example: “I echo your sentiments about the need for more innovative approaches.”

12. I Second That

“I second that” is commonly used in formal meetings to express agreement with a proposal or idea, especially when voting or making decisions.

Example: “I second that proposal for the new environmental initiative.”

13. I Support Your Viewpoint

“I support your viewpoint” indicates backing or endorsement of another’s perspective, suitable in collaborative or team environments.

Example: “I support your viewpoint on prioritizing user experience in our app development.”

14. I’m in Agreement

“I’m in agreement” is a neutral and clear way to express concurrence, suitable for both formal and informal professional settings.

Example: “I’m in agreement with the conclusions of the report.”

15. That Resonates with Me

“That resonates with me” is used to express agreement on a more personal or emotional level, often in response to ideas or values.

Example: “Your vision of an inclusive company culture resonates with me.”

Linda Brown