What Is Another Way to Say “Human-Like”?

Looking for synonyms for human-like? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say human-like.

  • Anthropomorphic
  • Humanoid
  • Man-like
  • Humanesque
  • Person-like
  • Homoform
  • Anthropoidal
  • Bipedal
  • Human-shaped
  • Human-mimicking
  • Human-resembling
  • Human-analogous
  • Human-style
  • Human-simulating
  • Human-derived

Want to learn how to say human-like professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Anthropomorphic

Used to describe objects or beings that have human characteristics or qualities.
Example: “The anthropomorphic robot was designed to interact with customers in a more personal way.”

2. Humanoid

Refers to something that resembles or looks like a human, often used in robotics or science fiction.
Example: “The company’s latest humanoid robot can perform complex tasks in human environments.”

3. Man-like

A simpler term for describing something that resembles a human man in appearance or behavior.
Example: “The man-like statue at the museum had detailed features resembling those of ancient warriors.”

4. Humanesque

Used for describing something that is somewhat like a human in appearance or behavior.
Example: “The characters in the animation were humanesque, with exaggerated expressions and movements.”

5. Person-like

Similar to human-like, but emphasizes the individuality or personal qualities.
Example: “The AI assistant was programmed to have a person-like manner of speaking.”

6. Homoform

A technical term used in biology or anthropology, referring to something having a human form.
Example: “The homoform structure of the fossil suggests a close relation to early humans.”

7. Anthropoidal

Referring to something that is similar to a human, especially in shape or appearance.
Example: “The anthropoidal features of the primate are significant for evolutionary studies.”

8. Bipedal

Describes a being that walks on two legs, a characteristic of humans.
Example: “The robot’s bipedal design allows it to navigate human environments more effectively.”

9. Human-shaped

Simply means having the shape or form of a human.
Example: “The human-shaped mannequins were used for the new clothing display.”

10. Human-mimicking

Refers to something designed to imitate or replicate human actions or behavior.
Example: “The human-mimicking AI can replicate facial expressions and gestures.”

11. Human-resembling

Similar to human-like, used to describe something that closely resembles a human.
Example: “The humanoid’s human-resembling appearance made it more relatable to customers.”

12. Human-analogous

Used to describe something that is comparable or analogous to humans in certain aspects.
Example: “The study focuses on human-analogous behaviors observed in certain species of apes.”

13. Human-style

Refers to something that is done in a manner or style that is characteristic of humans.
Example: “The new theme park features human-style habitats for the wildlife.”

14. Human-simulating

Describes something that simulates or replicates human characteristics or behaviors.
Example: “The virtual reality experience includes human-simulating avatars.”

15. Human-derived

Refers to something that is derived from humans or human characteristics.
Example: “The research on human-derived stem cells has led to significant medical breakthroughs.”

Linda Brown