What Is Another Way to Say “Happy Hour”?

Looking for synonyms for happy hour? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say happy hour.

  • Cocktail hour
  • Drink specials
  • Social hour
  • Mixer
  • Sundowner
  • After-work drinks
  • Pre-dinner drinks
  • Evening social
  • Aperitif time
  • Relaxation hour
  • Leisure time
  • Nightcap hour
  • Beverage break
  • Toasting time
  • Pub time

Want to learn how to say happy hour professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Cocktail Hour

Used typically for a period in the early evening where cocktails are served, often in social or corporate events.
Example: “Join us for cocktail hour after the conference to network with the speakers and attendees.”

2. Drink Specials

Appropriate for a time, usually in bars or restaurants, when drinks are offered at reduced prices.
Example: “Our restaurant offers drink specials from 5 to 7 PM on weekdays.”

3. Social Hour

Ideal for a time dedicated to socializing, often in a casual setting, which can involve drinks and light snacks.
Example: “The hotel hosts a social hour in the lobby for guests to meet and mingle.”

4. Mixer

Used for informal gatherings, often intended for guests to socialize and network, typically with drinks.
Example: “Our company mixer is a great opportunity for new employees to meet their colleagues.”

5. Sundowner

A term often used for drinks consumed in the late afternoon or early evening, typically in a relaxed setting.
Example: “Let’s meet for a sundowner at the beach bar to discuss the day’s events.”

6. After-work Drinks

Suitable for casual drinking sessions that take place immediately after work hours, usually with colleagues.
Example: “The team often goes for after-work drinks on Fridays to celebrate the week’s achievements.”

7. Pre-dinner Drinks

Used for a period before dinner where guests enjoy drinks, often in a social or formal setting.
Example: “The conference gala will begin with pre-dinner drinks in the hotel’s garden area.”

8. Evening Social

Appropriate for a gathering in the evening, often with a focus on networking and social interaction.
Example: “Our organization hosts an evening social during the annual summit for attendees to connect.”

9. Aperitif Time

Ideal for a period, typically before a meal, where aperitifs or light alcoholic beverages are served.
Example: “Join us in the lounge for aperitif time before tonight’s banquet.”

10. Relaxation Hour

Used for a time dedicated to unwinding, often in a casual setting, and may include drinks or leisure activities.
Example: “The company’s relaxation hour on Fridays allows employees to relax and chat informally.”

11. Leisure Time

Suitable for a period of relaxation or recreation, often in the context of a break or free time.
Example: “During our leisure time at the retreat, we enjoyed cocktails by the pool.”

12. Nightcap Hour

Used for a time late in the evening when people enjoy a final drink of the night, often in a relaxed setting.
Example: “The hotel bar offers a nightcap hour, perfect for a relaxing drink before bed.”

13. Beverage Break

Appropriate for a designated time, usually in a professional setting, when beverages are served for a break.
Example: “There will be a beverage break during the seminar, with options for coffee, tea, and light refreshments.”

14. Toasting Time

Ideal for a moment set aside for raising a toast, often in celebratory or formal gatherings.
Example: “During our annual dinner, we’ll have a toasting time to celebrate our achievements.”

15. Pub Time

Used for a period spent in a pub, often socially with friends or colleagues.
Example: “After the team meeting, some of us are heading to the local pub for some pub time.”

Linda Brown