What Is Another Way to Say “Great Amount”?

Looking for synonyms for great amount? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say great amount.

  • Vast quantity
  • Abundance
  • Plethora
  • Copious amount
  • Substantial volume
  • Profusion
  • Myriad
  • Large sum
  • Hefty quantity
  • Immense volume
  • Significant number
  • Extensive array
  • Ample supply
  • Massive amount
  • Plentiful supply

Want to learn how to say great amount professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Vast Quantity

Used when referring to an extremely large amount, often in contexts such as production, data, or inventory.
Example: “The factory produced a vast quantity of goods this quarter.”

2. Abundance

Appropriate for situations where there is more than enough of something, often used in contexts like nature, resources, or opportunities.
Example: “There is an abundance of natural resources available for the project.”

3. Plethora

Ideal for a situation where there is a very large or excessive amount of something, commonly used in diverse professional settings.
Example: “The new software offers a plethora of features and tools for users.”

4. Copious Amount

Used when describing a large amount of something, often in the context of information, details, or resources.
Example: “The researcher gathered a copious amount of data for the study.”

5. Substantial Volume

Suitable for describing a considerable amount or size, often in business, finance, or production.
Example: “The company saw a substantial volume of sales during the holiday season.”

6. Profusion

Appropriate for a situation where something is available in large quantities, often used to describe a variety or diversity.
Example: “There was a profusion of ideas presented at the brainstorming session.”

7. Myriad

Used to indicate a very large number of things, especially in a context that requires diversity or variety.
Example: “The event offered a myriad of activities and workshops for attendees.”

8. Large Sum

Appropriate for a context involving a significant amount of money or numerical value.
Example: “The company invested a large sum in the development of new technologies.”

9. Hefty Quantity

Suitable for describing a significantly large amount, often in contexts like manufacturing, supply, or storage.
Example: “The warehouse stores a hefty quantity of raw materials.”

10. Immense Volume

Used for describing an extremely large or overwhelming amount, often in contexts like production, data, or information.
Example: “The data analysis revealed an immense volume of consumer insights.”

11. Significant Number

Ideal for a context where the quantity is not only large but also important or noteworthy.
Example: “A significant number of employees volunteered for the corporate social responsibility program.”

12. Extensive Array

Appropriate for a wide range or variety of items, often used in contexts like product offerings, services, or features.
Example: “Our platform provides an extensive array of tools for digital marketers.”

13. Ample Supply

Used when there is more than enough of something, typically in contexts like inventory, resources, or provisions.
Example: “The hospital has an ample supply of medical equipment for emergency situations.”

14. Massive Amount

Suitable for an exceptionally large amount, often used in contexts like finance, production, or accumulation.
Example: “The research grant provided a massive amount of funding for the project.”

15. Plentiful Supply

Ideal for situations where there is a large and sufficient quantity of something, often used in contexts like resources, goods, or availability.
Example: “The region has a plentiful supply of skilled labor for the industry.”

Linda Brown