What Is Another Way to Say “A Lot More”?

Looking for synonyms for a lot more? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say a lot more.

  • Much more
  • Far more
  • Considerably more
  • Significantly more
  • Substantially more
  • Greatly more
  • Vastly more
  • Immensely more
  • Exponentially more
  • Remarkably more
  • Noticeably more
  • Tremendously more
  • Extensively more
  • Exceptionally more
  • Incredibly more
  • Hugely more
  • Massively more
  • Profoundly more
  • Extraordinarily more
  • Abundantly more
  • Amply more
  • Strikingly more
  • Overwhelmingly more
  • Markedly more
  • Astronomically more

Want to learn how to say a lot more professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Much more

Appropriate Use: A general expression indicating a significantly greater amount or degree.
Example: “The project requires much more time than initially anticipated.”

2. Far more

Appropriate Use: To emphasize a great difference in magnitude or degree.
Example: “Far more resources are needed to complete this phase of the construction.”

3. Considerably more

Appropriate Use: Indicating a noticeably larger amount or degree.
Example: “The new software has considerably more features than the previous version.”

4. Significantly more

Appropriate Use: Indicating an amount or degree that is large enough to be important or affect a situation.
Example: “The research team has significantly more data than it had last year.”

5. Substantially more

Appropriate Use: A large, noticeable amount or degree more.
Example: “Substantially more investment is required to get the startup off the ground.”

6. Greatly more

Appropriate Use: Indicating a large amount or degree more.
Example: “The new policy will greatly more affect the company’s overseas operations.”

7. Vastly more

Appropriate Use: Indicating a very large amount or degree more.
Example: “Vastly more effort is needed to change the corporate culture.”

8. Immensely more

Appropriate Use: Suggesting an extremely large amount or degree more.
Example: “The revised proposal is immensely more comprehensive than the original.”

9. Exponentially more

Appropriate Use: Indicating an increase at an accelerating rate.
Example: “Our data storage needs are growing exponentially more each year.”

10. Remarkably more

Appropriate Use: Indicating an amount or degree that is unusually or notably higher.
Example: “The team was remarkably more productive after the restructuring.”

11. Noticeably more

Appropriate Use: Clearly perceptible; evident that it’s a lot more.
Example: “There has been a noticeably more improvement in the quality of our services.”

12. Tremendously more

Appropriate Use: Extremely; enormously.
Example: “The project scope has expanded tremendously more than what was planned.”

13. Extensively more

Appropriate Use: Covering or affecting a large area.
Example: “Extensively more research is required to validate these findings.”

14. Exceptionally more

Appropriate Use: To a greater extent than usual; unusually.
Example: “The product’s performance is exceptionally more advanced than its competitors.”

15. Incredibly more

Appropriate Use: To a great degree; extraordinarily.
Example: “The system’s processing speed is incredibly more efficient now.”

16. Hugely more

Appropriate Use: Extremely or very much more.
Example: “The marketing campaign was hugely more successful than anticipated.”

17. Massively more

Appropriate Use: Consisting of or forming a large mass; exceptionally large.
Example: “There’s been a massively more response to our latest product launch.”

18. Profoundly more

Appropriate Use: To a profound extent; extremely.
Example: “The economic policy changes are profoundly more impactful than expected.”

19. Extraordinarily more

Appropriate Use: Very unusual or remarkable.
Example: “The innovative approach was extraordinarily more effective.”

20. Abundantly more

Appropriate Use: In large quantities; plentifully.
Example: “The new region offers abundantly more opportunities for expansion.”

21. Amply more

Appropriate Use: Sufficiently or more than adequately.
Example: “The team is amply more prepared for the challenges ahead.”

22. Strikingly more

Appropriate Use: Attracting attention by reason of being unusual, extreme, or prominent.
Example: “The upgraded model is strikingly more advanced than its predecessor.”

23. Overwhelmingly more

Appropriate Use: To a very great degree or with a majority.
Example: “The feedback from the customers was overwhelmingly more positive.”

24. Markedly more

Appropriate Use: Noticeably; considerably.
Example: “The new policy has had a markedly more effect on employee productivity.”

25. Astronomically more

Appropriate Use: Extremely large; exceedingly great.
Example: “The cost of the project has gone up astronomically more due to unexpected delays.”

Linda Brown