What Is Another Way to Say “Get Away With”?

Looking for synonyms for get away with? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say get away with.

  • Escape consequences
  • Evade punishment
  • Avoid retribution
  • Elude detection
  • Slip through the cracks
  • Dodge accountability
  • Bypass repercussions
  • Skirt responsibility
  • Sidestep the law
  • Flout the rules
  • Circumvent consequences
  • Outmaneuver sanctions
  • Defy authority
  • Overlook the rules
  • Get off scot-free

Want to learn how to say get away with professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Escape Consequences

When to use: Suitable for situations where someone avoids facing the outcome of their actions.
Example: He managed to escape consequences for his mistake due to a lack of evidence.

2. Evade Punishment

When to use: Used when someone successfully avoids a penalty or sanction for their actions.
Example: Despite the oversight, the manager found a way to evade punishment.

3. Avoid Retribution

When to use: Ideal for circumstances where someone prevents facing retaliation or revenge.
Example: The whistleblower took measures to avoid retribution for exposing the scandal.

4. Elude Detection

When to use: Appropriate for situations where someone or something goes unnoticed or undiscovered.
Example: The error in the report managed to elude detection during the initial review.

5. Slip Through the Cracks

When to use: Refers to avoiding attention or notice in a system that is not perfectly controlled.
Example: Due to the high volume of transactions, some discrepancies can slip through the cracks.

6. Dodge Accountability

When to use: Suitable for instances where an individual avoids taking responsibility for their actions.
Example: The CEO tried to dodge accountability for the company’s financial misconduct.

7. Bypass Repercussions

When to use: Used when someone avoids facing the consequences or effects of their actions.
Example: She managed to bypass repercussions for her late submission by negotiating an extension.

8. Skirt Responsibility

When to use: Ideal for situations where an individual avoids their duties or obligations.
Example: The committee member skirted responsibility for the event’s organization.

9. Sidestep the Law

When to use: Refers to avoiding legal obligations or requirements cleverly or narrowly.
Example: The corporation found a loophole to sidestep the law regarding environmental regulations.

10. Flout the Rules

When to use: Suitable for openly disregarding or showing contempt for rules or norms.
Example: He was known to flout the rules without facing any immediate consequences.

11. Circumvent Consequences

When to use: Used when someone finds a way around the expected outcomes of their actions.
Example: Through a technicality, the employee was able to circumvent consequences for his actions.

12. Outmaneuver Sanctions

When to use: Appropriate for cleverly avoiding or overcoming penalties or punitive measures.
Example: The company outmaneuvered sanctions imposed by international trade agreements.

13. Defy Authority

When to use: Refers to openly challenging or resisting a figure or entity of power.
Example: The journalist chose to defy authority by publishing the confidential documents.

14. Overlook the Rules

When to use: Ideal for situations where rules are ignored or not considered.
Example: In his haste to get results, he chose to overlook the rules of procedure.

15. Get Off Scot-Free

When to use: Informal term for avoiding punishment or escaping from a situation without any consequences.
Example: Despite the clear violations, the contractor managed to get off scot-free due to a legal technicality.

Linda Brown