What Is Another Way to Say “Gain Experience”?

Looking for synonyms for gain experience? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say gain experience.

  • Acquire skills
  • Build expertise
  • Develop proficiency
  • Attain knowledge
  • Cultivate capabilities
  • Enhance abilities
  • Gain expertise
  • Learn the ropes
  • Hone skills
  • Grow professionally
  • Improve competence
  • Increase understanding
  • Expand know-how
  • Advance in experience
  • Gather experience
  • Amass knowledge
  • Sharpen abilities
  • Enhance understanding
  • Broaden horizons
  • Elevate proficiency

Want to learn how to say gain experience professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Acquire Skills

Used when learning new skills or improving existing ones.

  • Example: “Interns at our firm have the opportunity to acquire skills in various aspects of finance.”

2. Build Expertise

Appropriate for developing a deep understanding or specialization in a particular area.

  • Example: “She is building expertise in digital marketing to enhance her career prospects.”

3. Develop Proficiency

Used when improving ability or becoming more adept in a certain field or activity.

  • Example: “The training program is designed to help employees develop proficiency in project management.”

4. Attain Knowledge

Suitable for the process of gaining information, understanding, or learning about something.

  • Example: “Through continuous education, he attained knowledge in advanced data analytics.”

5. Cultivate Capabilities

Refers to actively improving or developing abilities and skills.

  • Example: “Our leadership development program is focused on cultivating capabilities in strategic thinking.”

6. Enhance Abilities

Used when improving or augmenting skills or talents.

  • Example: “Participating in international conferences has greatly enhanced her public speaking abilities.”

7. Gain Expertise

Appropriate for acquiring specialized knowledge or skills in a particular field.

  • Example: “Over the years, she has gained expertise in renewable energy systems.”

8. Learn the Ropes

Informal way of saying gaining experience or understanding of how something is done.

  • Example: “The mentorship program helps new employees learn the ropes quickly.”

9. Hone Skills

Used when refining or perfecting particular skills.

  • Example: “He honed his skills in software development through rigorous training and practice.”

10. Grow Professionally

Refers to the overall development in one’s career or professional life.

  • Example: “Attending industry workshops is a part of her strategy to grow professionally.”

11. Improve Competence

Used when enhancing one’s ability and effectiveness in a specific area.

  • Example: “She took advanced courses to improve her competence in financial analysis.”

12. Increase Understanding

Suitable for gaining a better comprehension or grasp of a subject.

  • Example: “His extensive research has greatly increased his understanding of environmental policies.”

13. Expand Know-How

Refers to broadening practical knowledge or expertise in a particular area.

  • Example: “Working on diverse projects has allowed him to expand his know-how in digital technologies.”

14. Advance in Experience

Used when progressing or moving forward in practical knowledge or expertise.

  • Example: “She has advanced in experience rapidly since joining the marketing team.”

15. Gather Experience

Appropriate for accumulating practical knowledge over time.

  • Example: “Through various roles, he has gathered experience in different facets of business management.”

16. Amass Knowledge

Refers to accumulating a large amount of information or learning.

  • Example: “Over her career, she has amassed knowledge in international trade laws.”

17. Sharpen Abilities

Used when fine-tuning or improving specific skills.

  • Example: “Regular training sessions are held to help team members sharpen their technical abilities.”

18. Enhance Understanding

Suitable for deepening comprehension or insight into a subject.

  • Example: “His sabbatical was an opportunity to enhance his understanding of cultural anthropology.”

19. Broaden Horizons

Refers to expanding one’s range of interests, activities, and knowledge.

  • Example: “Studying abroad helped her broaden her horizons in global economics.”

20. Elevate Proficiency

Used when lifting or raising the level of skill or expertise.

  • Example: “Continuous learning and experience have helped him elevate his proficiency in software engineering.”

Linda Brown