What Is Another Way to Say “Faced With”?

Looking for synonyms for faced with? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say faced with.

  • Confronted by
  • Presented with
  • Met with
  • Encountered
  • Challenged by
  • Dealing with
  • Up against
  • In the face of
  • Opposed by
  • Beset by
  • In the presence of
  • Before
  • Against
  • Grappling with
  • Contending with

Want to learn how to say faced with professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Confronted by

“Confronted by” is used when facing a challenge or obstacle directly.
Example: “The team was confronted by budget cuts, but found innovative ways to continue their work.”

2. Presented with

“Presented with” implies being given or shown something, especially a problem or opportunity.
Example: “Presented with the new market data, the company decided to alter its strategy.”

3. Met with

“Met with” is used when encountering a situation or challenge.
Example: “The proposal was met with enthusiasm by the board of directors.”

4. Encountered

“Encountered” refers to coming across or meeting with, especially unexpectedly.
Example: “She encountered several challenges when implementing the new IT system.”

5. Challenged by

“Challenged by” implies facing difficulty that tests one’s abilities.
Example: “Challenged by the competitive nature of the industry, they focused on innovation.”

6. Dealing with

“Dealing with” is used when handling or managing a situation, especially a difficult one.
Example: “The company is currently dealing with supply chain disruptions.”

7. Up against

“Up against” implies being in a difficult situation faced with a particular problem or opponent.
Example: “We’re up against tight deadlines to complete the project.”

8. In the face of

“In the face of” is used to describe a situation that is confronted or dealt with despite difficult circumstances.
Example: “In the face of adversity, the team demonstrated remarkable resilience.”

9. Opposed by

“Opposed by” refers to facing opposition or resistance.
Example: “The new policy was opposed by many employees, leading to extensive discussions.”

10. Beset by

“Beset by” implies being surrounded or attacked on all sides by a problem or difficulty.
Example: “The project was beset by technical issues from the start.”

11. In the presence of

“In the presence of” means being in the situation where something is happening or being confronted with it.
Example: “In the presence of market volatility, the investors remained cautious.”

12. Before

“Before” is used to indicate being confronted with something that needs to be dealt with or considered.
Example: “Before the team lay the challenge of completing the project under budget.”

13. Against

“Against” refers to having something as an obstacle or challenge.
Example: “The startup worked against all odds to secure its first round of funding.”

14. Grappling with

“Grappling with” implies struggling to solve or deal with a problem.
Example: “The organization is currently grappling with legacy system issues.”

15. Contending with

“Contending with” is used when struggling to overcome a problem or difficulty.
Example: “The logistics department is contending with unprecedented shipping delays.”

Linda Brown