What Is Another Way to Say “Consist Of”?

Looking for synonyms for consist of? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say consist of.

  • Comprise
  • Be composed of
  • Be made up of
  • Include
  • Contain
  • Encompass
  • Incorporate
  • Involve
  • Embody
  • Constitute
  • Entail
  • Subsume
  • Enfold
  • Cover
  • Incorporate

Want to learn how to say consist of professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Comprise

Used to indicate that a group or collection forms a whole.

  • Example: “The course curriculum comprises lectures, workshops, and practical assignments.”

2. Be Composed Of

Ideal for specifying the parts or elements that make up a whole.

  • Example: “The committee is composed of members from different departments.”

3. Be Made Up Of

Used when describing the individual components that form a whole.

  • Example: “The research team is made up of experts in various scientific fields.”

4. Include

Appropriate for mentioning something as a part of a larger whole.

  • Example: “The study includes a comprehensive analysis of environmental impacts.”

5. Contain

Used when something has something else within it.

  • Example: “The report contains detailed statistics about the market trends.”

6. Encompass

Ideal for describing something that includes all aspects or elements.

  • Example: “The manager’s responsibilities encompass budgeting, scheduling, and staffing.”

7. Incorporate

Used when including something as part of a group, system, or plan.

  • Example: “The new policy incorporates the latest changes in federal regulations.”

8. Involve

Appropriate for indicating that something includes specific elements or aspects.

  • Example: “The project involves extensive research and development.”

9. Embody

Used to express that something concretely represents or includes certain qualities or components.

  • Example: “The program embodies the company’s commitment to sustainability.”

10. Constitute

Ideal for stating what something is made of or formed from.

  • Example: “The different departments constitute the entire organization.”

11. Entail

Used for describing what something involves or includes necessarily.

  • Example: “This job entails a great deal of travel and irregular hours.”

12. Subsume

Appropriate when including something within a larger category or group.

  • Example: “The broader category of mental health issues subsumes a range of specific disorders.”

13. Enfold

Used in a more literary or poetic context to indicate something being wrapped or enclosed within.

  • Example: “The program enfolds a variety of cultural activities to enhance students’ experiences.”

14. Cover

Ideal for mentioning the range or scope of something, especially in topics or subjects.

  • Example: “The training session covers topics from basic safety to advanced operational procedures.”

15. Incorporate

Used for including or integrating a part or feature into something larger.

  • Example: “The design incorporates elements of traditional and modern architecture.”

Linda Brown